Work at Home as an Phone Actress or Adult Texter

Given its controversial nature, we hemmed and hawed about whether to include this page. However, in view of the number of queries we’ve received over the years about adult texting and phone acting jobs, and our aim to offer comprehensive information, we decided in the affirmative.

The content is not adult in nature. It is not explicit. It is simply information and links to legitimate companies for those who would like to explore this avenue of income.

With that in mind, if you are not interested in this type of work, PLEASE JUST CHOOSE ANOTHER JOB CATEGORY from the menu above.

If you do continue reading this page:

  • do not then contact us to say you were offended by the content
  • do not write to question our integrity in listing this information (many people contact us every week asking about this kind of work and it is our goal to make sure that all job seekers, regardless of their chosen field, be able to avoid scams — we are equal opportunity defenders)

Note: We are neither for nor against people doing these types of jobs. We are, however, FOR all people working happily from home in their chosen field (within the law, of course), and AGAINST letting anyone fall into the hands of con men and scammers.

With that said…


  • It goes without saying, phone actress jobs are best done when there are no children in the house! (School time, after bed, etc. are usually the best hours for parents.)
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Usually requires a corded telephone (no cordless or cell phones).
  • Commonly referred to as “PSOs” – Phone Sex Operators.


Following are some reputable companies that hire PSOs:

Also read Phone Sex Secrets blog at

Also read this comprehensive article by T. Thema Martin.

Please note, we are NOT the company that is hiring PSOs! We are directing you to the above companies so you can explore the opportunities they have available. That said, we are unable to answer your specific questions about pay, setup, hours, etc. Please visit the sites we’ve listed and read through them thoroughly. You will find answers to most of your questions there and, if you still have questions, please contact those companies directly.