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How to Find Work at Home Job Listings on CraigsList
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[Posted: 02/17/07]

How to Find Work at Home Job Listings on CraigsList
by Christine Durst
When we were planning the Rat Race Rebellion site content, we made the decision to NOT post CraigsList job listings to our work at home job leads page. Our reasons were two-fold:
  1. If you've spent as much time as we have reading lists of "work at home job leads" at the hundreds of work at home job sites on the Internet, you've probably discovered that over 85% of those sites are re-posting leads from CraigsList. We don't want to give you something you can get in hundreds of other places!
  1. It is really very simple for you to search CraigsList on your own! We'd rather put our energy into finding you the kinds of job leads that may be a bit harder to dig up!

That said, we're not surprised that so many other sites use CraigsList as their primary source of work at home job leads. W
ith "local classifieds and forums for 450 cities worldwide," there are lots of possibilities if you know how to find them.

Note: Job leads at CraigsList and other "mega" posting sites are not generally screened for legitimacy, so expect to find plenty of scams! If you are not sure how to begin sorting the scams out, start by reading our article on spotting scams.

Search CraigsList Directly

Before you begin searching for jobs on
CraigsList, spend a little time on the site getting the lay of the land. One of the first things you'll see, is that the content is separated geographically so you'll need to select a region to get started. (The list of cities, states, provinces, and countries is on the right side of the page.)

Once you've selected your geographical area, move over to the left column and, from the drop-down menu, select "jobs" and click on the button to the right of that menu.

You should now find yourself at a listing of jobs that have been posted for the geographical area you selected.

To drill down and see only the "telecommuting" posts, move to the rectangular options bar at the top of the page, and check the box immediately to the left of the word "telecommute." Now, click the "search" button.

Now, you will have a list of only the job leads on which the poster has indicated, "telecommuting is OK." Try clicking on one of the ads and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. There, in the lower left corner is a list of particulars about the job and, among them, you should see
"telecommuting is OK."

Remember to check a number of geographical areas since, as telecommuting positions, many will not have geographical restrictions.

Using Google to Search CraigsList

Google spiders the posts made to CraigsList. This means that you are able to use Google search to speed up the process of finding
all of the job leads that have been marked as “OK for telecommuting.”

For example, to find all of the
“OK for telecommuting” job ads that have been posted to CraigsList in 2007, simply go to Google and enter  "telecommuting is OK" site:craigslist.org 2007 in the search field. Be sure to enter this phrase exactly, including the quotation marks.

To target similar jobs, but for a specific day, change the link to include the date. For example, the query "telecommuting is OK" site:craigslist.org 2007-02-16 will seek out only those telecommuting job leads posted on February 16, 2007.

Note: You can replace the phrase "telecommuting is OK" with any search word or phrase you choose in order to perform a more targeted search.

Using Crazedlist to Search CraigsList

Crazedlist.org, with the motto "search craigslist like a madman", can be another effective means of finding telecommuting job posts at CraigsList.

Simply start at the
Crazedlist home page and check off all of the geographical areas you'd like to search. Or, from the drop-down menu (located just above "Alaska"), select "ALL".


Now, in the "search for" field, enter "telecommuting" (no quotes).

From the drop-down menu (marked "select category"), choose "jobs". This should open a few more search options in the form of check boxes to the right of the fields you've been working in.

the box immediately to the left of the word "telecommute", and click on the search button.

Voila! You are searching "like a madman" and you should get hundreds of job postings (sorted geographically) to start researching.

There, now YOU can search CraigsList for yourself, and WE can keep digging up leads from other "hiding places" on the Web! (Be sure to visit our Fresh Work at Home Job Leads page.)



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