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On this page, you will find screened, legitimate work at home companies that offer benefitst to their home-based employees. If you would like to work from home, and need benefits, this page is for you! (Note: this page is not all inclusive and other companies on the site also offer benefits, so please be sure to look around!)

Work at Home Job Leads: Jobs with Benefits
Screened jobs are below in the bulleted list. Listings in this box are Ads by Google and have not been screened by us. Please visit our FAQ page for more.

Please DO NOT assume that just because a company appears on this list that they have current openings for home-based workers. Always take the time to visit their corporate Web site and review their current opportunities. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THESE COMPANIES! If there are openings, be sure to follow the application directions on their sites. Links in the bulleted list have been screened. 

Here’s a list-in-progress of companies that hire offsite workers and offer benefits as well. Check back often for updates!

*(The fine print – The list is intended as a general guide only, and is based on details provided on company websites and informal information from employees. We believe, but cannot “guarantee,” that it’s accurate. Benefits may change at any time, and may vary by individual contract or employee location. Company website data may sometimes lag behind current practice. Before accepting any job, you should always confirm benefits with an employer to assure coverage.) 
Hires home-based customer service agents. (We’ve heard that the company offers benefits to permanent employees who work at least 30 hours per week.)

Hires home-based call center agents. (Offers limited benefits, including 401(k), life and disability plans.)

          Hires home-based call center reps. (Offers a benefit package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k).)  

Hires home-based customer service reps. (Offers medical benefits to full-time employees.)

Hires home-based call center agents. (Offers a benefit package including medical, dental, vision, life        insurance, 401(k) and others.)

Hires home-based teachers. (Offers limited benefits, including 401(k).)

Hires home-based personal technology experts. (Offers medical, dental, vision benefits, paid time off, 401(k) and other benefits.)

Hires home-based customer service reps. (Offers benefits to agents that work 35+ hours a week.  Benefits package includes medical, dental and vision.)
Hires home-based “E-Hotline Agents.”
UnitedHealth Group
Hires a variety of offsite employees. (Has a reputation for providing excellent benefits packages.)

Hires home-based customer service reps. (We’ve heard from their employees that the company offers a decent benefits package.)

Be sure to check Today's Job Leads for jobs in this category! 

* PLEASE NOTE: While our Research Team does its best to exclude scams and similar links from the resources we post, we cannot of course guarantee the legitimacy of any link, company, hirer, etc. Job seekers are strongly urged to perform their own "due diligence" on any hirer they might consider.

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