Rat Race Rebels™ Review — Earn Extra Cash – Swagbucks

By Mike Haaren

Swagbucks is one of our top picks for extra cash for watching vids, playing games, doing surveys, searching online, and in shopping rebates. They’ve paid out over $120M to members, and been around since 2008. We’ve known the company over a year now, researched them, talked to them on the phone, etc. 

They pay in Swagbucks, generally 100 = $1, which you can convert into PayPal cash or gift cards. The easiest way to make money is probably by referring friends and getting a 10% commission on what they earn for life. You can also earn points by using their search engine — currently, it’s Yahoo doing the actual searches in the background — and by adding their “SwagButton” to your browser. The button tells you how much cash back you’ll get when you buy something online from Walmart (right now, 5%), Groupon (7%) or other sites you land on. (There are thousands, the company says.)

Swagbucks also gives promos and other quick ways to grab extra Swagbucks during the day. (For example, earn 1500 Swagbucks for posting a Swagbucks reference and link on Twitter.)

Like other online rewards programs, Swagbucks won’t produce a big income, but is a way to get money on the side for extras or to help make ends meet. To sign up, click here.

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