How to Rent a Car With No Credit Check and Earn Cash with Uber

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By Mike Haaren – Updated Aug. 6, 2016

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If you don’t have a car and would like to earn cash on your own schedule, Uber now has a “no credit check” car rental program with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You can also lease a new or late-model used car through Uber’s Xchange Leasing Program (“all credit levels can apply”). Unlimited mileage and routine maintenance are included, with the right to return the car on two weeks’ notice.

If you’ve ever rented or leased a car, these programs look pretty good in comparison. Since your payments are deducted from your earnings as a driver, the trick is to maximize what you make behind the wheel. This will depend largely on two factors: where you live and when you drive.

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How Much Do Drivers Make?

Drivers who live in larger metro areas like LA or New York report $25-$35 an hour, while cities like Atlanta report an average of $19 an hour. In smaller cities or in the “outback” you’ll make less. If you drive during “surge pricing” times, when demand for rides is high, you can make an additional 50% or more on fares.

However, Uber is talking about phasing out surge pricing. On the flip side, drivers can now remind riders to tip by posting a sign in their car that says tips aren’t included in the fare. (Uber didn’t allow this before, and riders often didn’t tip.) Whether that will make up for surge fees when they’re phased out remains to be seen.

Cash Bonuses for Referring New Drivers

You can also earn $500 or more by referring new drivers, and get bonuses of $500+ for completing a certain number of trips. The amounts fluctuate depending on market conditions, including what Uber’s competitors are offering, but they can definitely add to your take-home.

If you’d rather buy a car, Uber has negotiated discounted pricing on Toyota, GM, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Chrysler and VW autos.

For more details or to sign up, click here. (This is the same Uber affiliate program link we used above, and Uber will pay us a fee if you use it to sign up.) To paraphrase Star Trek, “Drive long and prosper!”

May 23rd, 2016