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On this page, you will find screened, legitimate work at home job leads for artists, photographers, illustrators, designers and all kinds of artists who would like to work from a home-base.

Work at Home Job Leads: Artistic
Screened jobs are below in the bulleted list. Listings in this box are Ads by Google and have not been screened by us. Please visit our FAQ page for more.

Please DO NOT assume that just because a company appears on this list that they have current openings for home-based workers. Always take the time to visit their corporate Web site and review their current opportunities. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THESE COMPANIES! If there are openings, be sure to follow the application directions on their sites. Links in the bulleted list have been screened. 
  • Ambrosia Software - always on the lookout for developers, artists, webmasters, distributors, and beta testers from all over the world
  • Art Deadlines List - public art commissions, art competitions, art jobs and internships, art scholarships and grants and fellowships, residencies, art festivals, call for entries/proposals/projects, and other opportunities, in all disciplines, for art students, art teachers, and artists of all ages, all skill levels, in all disciplines, everywhere
  • Art Fire - "ArtFire.com is a marketplace, craft and maker community where people from around the world come together to buy, sell and interact."
  • Avatar Press - looking for talented freelance artists, and often has a range of work in a wide variety of subjects and genres available
  • Bradford Group - "seeking talented freelance designers, illustrators and artists to work with our Product Development teams on innovative, unique products, including jewelry, dolls, music boxes, holiday ornaments, home décor, architectural villages, coins, books, personal banking checks, figurines and more"
  • Cafe Press - sell your designs on 250+ products -- clothing , mugs, bumper stickers, and more
  • Cape Shore - "As we are a souvenir company, we look for location-specific art and concentrate on realistic landscapes and wildlife. We use mostly everyday designs but also do an extensive line of Christmas cards and ornaments."
  • Create My Tattoo - designers compete to create custom tattoo designs based on client specifications
  • crowdSPRING - online marketplace for logos, graphic design and naming
  • Make money on your site with Max Bounty affiliate ads. Legitimate ads and lots to choose from. We use them regularly here at Rat Race Rebellion. ~ Chris & Mike
  • Oatmeal Studios - "...looking for fresh and fun-looking artwork in any media and style. Also, sophisticated, funky cartoony-type art (people and/or animals) with or without words."
  • Obeo - freelance photographers
  • Wild Apple - always on the hunt for talented artists to license and publish

* PLEASE NOTE: While our Research Team does its best to exclude scams and similar links from the resources we post, we cannot of course guarantee the legitimacy of any link, company, hirer, etc. Job seekers are strongly urged to perform their own "due diligence" on any hirer they might consider.
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