Courthouse Researchers

Real Work from Home Jobs - www.RatRaceRebellion.comOn this page, you’ll find screened, legitimate work from home jobs for Courthouse Researchers. Courthouse Researchers work “from” home as opposed to “at” home. They travel to local courthouses to do basic research, such as gathering data from mortgage documents, and finish their reports at home. Courthouse Researchers are independent contractors, not employees, and have flexible schedules that track courthouse hours. In other words, a flexible job option with a home base.

Accurate Background, Inc.
Advanced Background Check / Integrity Title Records"Marketing companies nationwide are eagerly looking for data collected from mortgage documents. These documents are filed after a home is purchased or an equity line of credit is obtained. The documents are public records, and available to collect in the courthouses free of charge."
First National Acceptance Company"The ideal candidate is someone who currently works in the courthouse and is familiar with courthouse researching procedures. If you do not currently work in a courthouse, but have previous courthouse researching experience, this position may be for you too!"
Information Technologies
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Jellybean Services
Sunlark Research

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