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Here, you'll find ways to make money answering questions online, participate in clincal trials, work from home email chat, online psychic, search engine evaluators, work at home call reviewers, and many otherlegitimate money from home opportunities.

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Answer Questions
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Crowdsourcing is used to solicit contributions from a large group of people. These sites add a competitive component to crowdsourcing -- allowing people from around the world to compete with one another on a specific challenge in exchange for the listed pay/incentive.
e-Jurors / Mock Jurors
Email and Chat Support
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Work at Home Jobs You Can Do When It Fits

Not everyone wants to work a 50-hour week and commute three hours a day. Some of us just want to earn extra money online or locally, with maximum flexibility in our schedules, and little or no driving. Here are some options that may fit the bill.    

Virtual Jurors
In the old days, attorneys sometimes tested the strengths and weaknesses of their cases with mock jurors in an actual room. Now with the web they can do it remotely. This is where you come in: Read legal cases from home and give your opinion virtually. 

PAY: From $5 to $50 depending on the complexity of the case.
WHERE TO FIND: eJury.com; JuryTest.com

Work from Home as a Website Reviewer
Website owners often wonder what impressions their sites are making on customers, clients and other visitors. Do those crazy Flash features we paid so much for actually work, or do they make people feel like they just got off the Tilt-A-Whirl? 

Website testers, usually working at home, get paid to answer such questions – via video and audio recording – as they review assigned sites.  

PAY: Typically $10 per review. 
WHERE TO FIND: UserTesting.com; Userlytics.com

“Pull Tickets” for Popular Events
Got great typing skills and high-speed Internet? Then you might consider being a work from home Ticket Puller.

 Ticket Pullers go online and do their best to grab tickets for popular concerts and other events. They don’t spend their own money, but use a company account.

PAY: Up to $50 for successful “pulls” (but no pay for failed attempts).
WHERE TO FIND: TicketPuller.com

Get Paid to Answer Questions
Do you know “a little bit about a lot of things,” or how to find answers online quickly? Home-based “answer agents” help the public get answers to their questions on the go.

The user simply texts the question to the company, and for a small fee (usually about .99 cents) a work at home researcher promptly finds an answer and texts it back.

PAY: Averages .10 to .20 cents per answer. Fast agents have reported making up to $9 per hour.

WHERE TO FIND: ChaCha.com; KGB.com (Lots of competition for these jobs, so check back regularly if you don’t see openings.)

Earn More Cash for Your Opinion – Focus Groups
Companies have long relied on sample groups of their target customers (aka “focus groups”) for candid opinions on new products, services and concepts. Back in the day, this was often done on-site. Now, work at home moms and other folks can do it online, joining a focus group virtually.

PAY: Depends on the length of the study.

WHERE TO FIND:  Focus Forward Online (focusfwdonline.com); 2020Research.com

Stay at Home Mom? Get Paid to Drive Your Car
In a cluttered “ad landscape,” advertisers know they must get their brands in front of consumers in a variety of ways. Now, stay at home moms can get paid to put a magnetic decal on their car to advertise a product while they run their usual errands.

In some campaigns, moms can also earn extra money giving samples, coupons and postcards to other moms who might be interested in the product or service.

PAY: Depends on the campaign.

WHERE TO FIND: MilesofMarketing.com

Work from Home as a “HIT Person”
Contrary to popular belief, computers can’t really do everything, and sometimes this can spell additional income for those seeking work at home jobs. As part of the crowdsourcing jobs trend, Amazon pays people to complete “Human Intelligence Tasks,” or HITs. These might include identifying objects in a photo or video, transcribing audio, giving opinions, or doing research.

PAY: Compensation is per HIT completed, and can range from a few pennies to a few dollars.


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