Rat Race Rebels™ Review — Literably Transcriptionists (No Exp. Necessary)

By Mike Haaren

Literably is hiring no-experience-necessary Transcriptionists to work from home. You’ll be listening to recordings of elementary school students reading, and transcribing the students’ errors. Literably provides training, and pay is “over $10 per hour,” according to an online job description at Monster.

When the transcription is done, Literably generates a report on the student’s reading level, with words correct per minute, percentage accuracy, and a comprehension score. Then it recommends a guided reading level for the student’s teacher.

Set Your Own Schedule

You can set your own schedule, and hiring is based on how you handle the task of scoring six sample recordings. This takes less than 30 minutes, Literably says. You’ll learn a bit about phonetics and phonemes to score the recordings, but it’s basic and shouldn’t be difficult. (Phonetics is just the study of speech sounds. For phonemes, the “l” sound in kill and the “s” sound in kiss are phonemes.) This video will give you an idea of the job:

The job offers a good opportunity to get transcription experience at home, earn a decent rate for a new transcriber, and set your own schedule, too. To sign up immediately, click here. For more Transcriptionist jobs, click here.

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