11 Work from Home Jobs for Fashionistas Open NOW

By Mike Haaren – May 17, 2016

Can you help people shop online? Give fashion tips? Got a good sense of style or beauty? Here are 11 work from home jobs and gigs where you can turn it into cash.

      1. Stylists (Clothing and Accessories for Women) – Stitch Fix hires part-time Stylists to choose clothes and accessories for women virtually. “We hire Stylists from Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area.”
      2. Shoe Diva – About.com is looking for someone to give style advice, shopping tips, etc., about shoes, primarily for women.
      3. Shopping Advisors Via Text – Operator is looking for people to help shoppers pick fashion, beauty and other products. Everything is done via an app. For more on Operator’s services, see this video.
      4. Fashion Ambassadors – Zindigo gives entrepreneurial Fashionistas a free way to open a stocked store and sell their recommendations with a 40% commission.
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    1. Give Online Chat Advice on Shopping – Needle hires people to give advice to shoppers while they’re using clothing and related sites.
    2. Hair and Beauty Writers – HypeHair.com is looking for people to write about trends in hair and beauty.
    3. Do-It-Yourself Fashion Expert – About.com is advertising for someone to cover DIY fashion.
    4. Fashion and Beauty Writers – InStyle.com seeks people to write about fashion and beauty news on weekends.
    5. Fashion Content Marketing Intern (Paid) – Independent Fashion Bloggers is advertising for a part-time Content Marketing Intern.
    6. Fashion Content Writer and Editor – Independent Fashion Bloggers is advertising for a part-time Writer and Editor to “help publish fantastic content.”
    7. Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry Writers (Philadelphia area) – Philadelphia Style magazine is looking for people to cover fashion, beauty and related topics in the Philadelphia scene.
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