$13 – $18/hr Working from Home as a Web Search Evaluator

Are you human?

by Chris Durst       Dec. 30, 2016

Intuition, expectation, intelligence, emotion, insight…

Try as they might, programmers have yet to write a program that accurately mirrors certain human qualities and characteristics. Until the do (and do we really want them to?), search engines will sometimes fail at rendering great results for certain search terms.

That’s why the big players in the search engine arena (like Google and Bing) use Search Engine Evaluators or Web Search Evaluators to conduct searches and rate the results — from a human perspective.

As an evaluator, your input will help programmers improve their algorithms and help people everywhere get better search results.

The following companies hire for these types of positions:

Appen Butler Hill
Hires worldwide
Note: This company also has many other types of remote positions for translators, localizers, social media evaluators, and other roles.

Hires worldwide
Note: Look for “Search Engine Evaluators” in their jobs list. They also hire for a wide variety of other remote positions.

Hires worldwide
Note: Uses the terms “Search Engine Evaluators” and “Personalized Search Engine Evaluators” as well as “At Home Independent Agent” to refer to their evaluation roles.

Hires worldwide
Note: Uses the term “Personalized Internet Assessor” to refer to their evaluation roles.

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