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Welcome Advertisers!

If you have work from home positions to fill, you’ve come to the right place! We have the reputation, demographics, and traffic you need to help you reach the talent pool you’re looking for.

In April 2016 we redesigned the Rat Race Rebellion site and the result has been a tremendous increase in traffic, newsletter subscribers, and Facebook fans.  As you can see on the Alexa ranking and Google Analytics charts below (Apr 1 – Oct 30), visitors and page views are on the rise.

Google Analytics – Apr 1 – Oct 30, 2016



We’re excited to announce that we’ll be kicking off 2017 with some great advertising opportunities for our advertisers. In addition to the BANNER AD and EMAIL BLAST options you’re familiar with, we are also offering SPONSORED POSTS that should afford you amazing exposure (we’ve made some posts that have received over 80,000 shares, so the potential is huge. Additionally, we now have opportunities to advertise on our DAILY EMAIL posts to our opt-in subscriber base (now numbering over 70,000 subscribers.)

Following are the details you’ve been waiting for!

Banner Ads – Great New Placements & Options for 2017



Traffic: Currently averaging 172K views per month

All banner ads appear in the right side bar in the upper and lower FEATURED OPPORTUNITIES fields with HP1, HP2, HP3 and HP4 in descending order in the upper field, and HP5, HP6, HP7 and HP8 in descending order in the lower field). Banners are 234 x 60 pixels.

AD POSITION Week Month Quarter
HP1  – Booked for full year N/A 825  2,225
HP2 – Booked for full year N/A 825 2,225
HP3 – Booked for full year N/A 825 2,225
HP4 – Booked for full year N/A 825 2,225
HP5 – Booked for full year N/A 725  1,950
HP6 – Booked for full year N/A 725   1,950
N/A 725   1,950
N/A 725   1,950


Traffic: Currently averaging 9K views per month 

The content portion our Call Center & Customer Service page layout will remain largely the same, however, the banner ads will occupy new positions on the page. This industry-specific page is visited by those job seekers who are specifically interested in this type of work, so it’s a great place to showcase your customer service-related company.

AD POSITION Week Month Quarter
CC1 – Booked for full year N/A 350  945
CC2 – Booked for full year N/A 350  945
CC3 – Booked for full year N/A 350  945
CC4 – Booked for full year N/A 350  945
CC5 – Available
N/A 250 675
CC6 – Available N/A 250   675
CC7 – Available N/A 250   675
CC8 – Available N/A 250   675
 Showcase listing – available to any company that is included in the Call Center directory.  Still just $500/year.  Includes:

  • Highlighted background — your color choice; the highlighted background draws the eye in as visitors scroll through the page
  • One (1) small banner ad measuring 280 x 70 pixels and hyperlinked to your site
  • Additional “ABOUT US” section where you can include up to 700 characters to describe your company, the job openings, or any other information you want to share with prospective job applicants/contractors
  • Additional “JOIN US ON” section with social media icons to encourage visitors to sign up for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ pages so you can reach them directly with our messages
  • DOWNLOADABLES — include up to two (2) .DOC or PDF flyers or job description documents for Career Development Professionals to share with job seekers who are seeking job search services. Our site is visited by MANY such professionals from the US Armed Services, college career offices, DOL One-Stop Career Centers, faith-based career centers, state vocational rehab offices, and many others.


Traffic: Currently averaging 36K views per month

The Big List was a new addition to the site in mid-September of 2016 and it’s been a huge hit with our job-seeking visitors! The Big List is replacing all of the “Jobs by Category” pages with the exception of the Call Center & Customer Service page which still appears separately, though all companies on that page also appear on the BIG LIST.

AD POSITION Week Month Quarter
BL1 – Booked for full year N/A 650  1,755
BL2 – Available N/A 650 1,755
BL3 – Available N/A 650 1,755
BL4 – Available N/A 650 1,755
BL5 – Available N/A 550 1,485
BL6 – Available N/A 550   1,485
BL7 – Available N/A 550   1,485
BL8 – Available N/A 550 1,485
In-List Banner Ads  are available to any company that appears on the list. The In-List Banner is 234 pixels wide x 60 pixels high and will appear in the row with your company name – both banner and company name will be hyperlinked.

In-List Banner Ad Rates:  $500/QTR  |   $1,500/YR


Traffic: Currently averaging 36K views per month 

AD POSITION Week Month Quarter
DJ1 – Booked for full year N/A 650  1,755
DJ2 – Booked for full year N/A 650 1,755
DJ3 – Booked for full year N/A 650 1,755
DJ4 – Booked for full year N/A 650 1,755
DJ5 – Available
N/A 550 1,485
DJ6 – Available N/A 550   1,485
DJ7 – Available N/A 550   1,485
DJ8 – Available N/A 550 1,485

Sponsored Posts – Written by US to Promote YOU –  New in 2017
Only two per month available, so schedule your Sponsored Posts early!

Investment: $2,500 each; limited to three per company, per year.

Description: Every business day, we make 2-4 posts to the Rat Race Rebellion site – most are about legitimate work from home opportunities.

Unlike many sites that offer sponsored posts, you will provide the details about the position(s) you would like to have covered and we will actually write the post(s). We have a great rapport with our visitors and they know our “tone” and character. By writing these posts in-house, you get the advantage of being under our byline (let’s face it, an article written by a company rep is more likely to be perceived as an ad rather than objective information).

You will, of course, receive a mock-up for your approval before the post is uploaded to the site and distributed to our subscribers.

When your sponsored post is made, it:

1. Is announced immediately on our Facebook (43K+) and Twitter pages

2.  Will be pinned to our Pinterest page

3. Will go immediately to the top position on our home page (As with all posts, it will cycle down the page with each post that follows it until it rolls to the archives where it will remain for at least six months.)

4. Will be promoted the following business day in our “Hot Posts” email (distributed to 70K+ opt-in subscribers) with a link back to the post

5. Will include a customized image

6. Will contain share widgets to encourage visitors to send the post to their friends and family


  • First and foremost, we must approve of the opportunity! Our visitors and fans trust us and we work hard to earn that trust. All opportunities will be carefully vetted to ensure they are legitimate and any that are not deemed appropriate for our audience will be declined.
  • We will make no more than two (2) Sponsored Posts each month – making this an opportunity that is limited to 24 per year. This number may be increased at our discretion if it is determined that doing so will not have a negative impact on subscriber opinions, opens and clicks.
  • No more than three (3) Sponsored Posts per company, per year with at least three (3) months in between those posts.
  • Post dates are first come, first served so we recommend booking your date(s) as soon as possible.
  • Sponsored Posts must be prepaid without exception. (For advertisers with a quarterly installment agreement for an annual campaign that includes a Sponsored Post, no post will be made if the account is delinquent.)
Month # of posts booked Month # of posts booked
January July
February August
March September 1
April October
May November
June December

Email Blasts – Your Ad Copy, Our 90K+ Subscribers – An Advertiser Favorite
Our subscriber base DOUBLED in 2016 but our rates have not!

Investment: $750 for one   |  $2,000 for three   |   $3,825 for six   |   $6,000 for ten   |   “The Max” 24 for $12,000

Description: Our opt-in subscriber base jumped from 36K to over 70K during 2016 and we get hundreds of new subscribers every week. This means that your investment today, will be worth more tomorrow!

Email blasts contain content provided by the advertiser so our subscribers will be sure to get your message the way you intended. You can include images, links, and as much text as you wish.

Who are the subscribers?: This includes our opt-in subscribers (individual job seekers) and also redistribution by career development professionals (who assist job seekers in finding jobs) at US military installations across the country, the US Department of State, the Church of Latter day Saints (who have hundreds of Employment Resource Centers across the US), other faith-based organizations, Veteran’s Employment Reps, and organizations like the National MS Society, the NY State Department of Education and many others.

Additionally, we have many producers, writers, and researchers for TV, radio, internet, and print media who subscribe!


  • All ad copy and images must be provided by the company at least TWO BUSINESS DAYS in advance of the scheduled send date in order to allow time for mock-up and approval process.
  • Send frequency – Advertisers are limited to a maximum of TWO blasts per month with no fewer than 14 days in between blasts. We have discovered that sending more frequently has an adverse impact resulting in (1) fewer clicks per blast, (2) increased unsubscribe rates, and (3) email being marked as “spam” by the recipient.
  • All Email Blasts purchased for 2017 must be used by December 31, 2017. For this reason, it is better to purchase only the inventory you know you will use. Don’t worry though, if you need more during the year, we’ll make sure you get them at the rate extended to you at the time of the original purchase. (For example, if you purchased 10 blasts for $6,000 and you need to add six more blasts during the year, those blasts will be billed at a price of $600 each.)

banner-emailBanner or Text Ad in Daily “Hot Posts & More” Email

Investment: $600/week; $1,600/3 weeks; $5,800 for 12 (one week per month, every month, for the full year)

Description: Every business day and Saturday, we send out our “Hot Posts & More” email announcing the posting of the day’s newest handpicked job leads and a recap of the previous day’s posts. This post goes out to our 90K+ opt-in subscribers.

For the duration of your campaign, your ad will appear in every “Hot Posts & More” email directly above the announcement of the day’s new job leads. (As indicated by the bright green block in the image to the left.) So, for a 1-week campaign, your ad will be sent SIX times to over over 70,000 subscribers. It’s a great way to build brand recognition!

You may place either a 468 x 60 pixel banner in this space, or a text ad of up to 275 characters and spaces.


  • Advertisers are limited to one week per month in this ad position.
  • All artwork and/or text will be provided by the advertiser.
  • Advertisers may make one swap if they wish to “split” the week. For example, they may wish to run a banner ad for three days and then a text ad for the remaining three days.

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO PLACE YOUR AD ORDER, PLEASE CONTACT CHRIS DURST DIRECTLY AT [email protected] or by phone at 860-928-6969 (or cell if urgent – (860) 933-1471.

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