33 Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Cash

By Mike Haaren – Co-Founder – April 3, 2017

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash — and avoid scams — with your computer or smartphone, you’ve got more choices now than a few years ago. The online barrel still has bad apples, of course, and it probably always will. But the good news is, there are more good apples now than before. And if you’re willing to do a little local travel, you have even more options.

Some are quick tasks for a few bucks, though they can add up if you do them often — like watching videos online, or answering survey questions on your smartphone. Others are part-time, but pay more.

For example, you can make $13.50/hr. checking search engine results at Leapforce. Or if you like to look things up, you can earn up to $500 a week as a Researcher at Wonder. And U-Haul will pay you $14/hr. or more to handle Reservations from home – with benefits.

Here are 33 screened gigs and part-time jobs open now. You don’t need a college degree. And paid virtual training is often included, too. Enjoy! (PS – Some of the links are affiliate links, which help us buy Cheez-Its for our rebellious rat researchers. Thanks for your help!)

  1. Seasonal Reservations Agents – U-Haul – Base pay is $10/hr., but with bonuses the rate can top $14.
  2. Courthouse Researchers – DeedCollector and Others – Get paid to gather data at local courthouses.
  3. Smartphone Mystery Shoppers – Mobee – Get paid to answer questions on your phone as you shop.
  4. Transcriptionists – GoTranscript – “$150 per month is average, top earnings $1,215.”
  5. Get Paid to Go to the Movies – Market Force Information – Like going to the movies? Get paid to check the trailers, count patrons, etc. Free snacks with some gigs.
  6. Transcriptionists – Babbletype – No experience necessary, get paid weekly via PayPal.
  7. Survey Takers – MyPoints – Pays in PayPal cash or gift cards, your choice.
  8. Check Search Engine Results – Leapforce – Pays $13.50/hr. to start. “You work when you want. No minimum hours for most projects and they don’t set your schedule, you do. You sign in when you have time, and work up to 40hrs/wk.,” Tiffany P. posted on our Facebook page March 23.
  9. Social Media Evaluators – Appen – Pays $10-$14/hr., though starting rate reportedly fluctuates depending on demand and project. Must commit to 20 hrs. per week.
  10. Movie Preview Watchers – InboxDollars – Get paid to watch movie previews, do surveys, try new products. Get $5 for signing up. You won’t get rich, but the tasks are easy during downtime.
  11. Online Crowd Workers – iSoftStone – Do micro-tasks for small payments. For example, check a search engine result or compare voice recordings. Like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
  12. “Field Agents” – Field Agent – Get paid using your smartphone, “$3 – $12 per task.” Check prices at stores, fill out surveys, etc.
  13. GoodStarters – Pleio – Earn $14-$18/hr. – some people report $21/hr. with bonuses – helping people stay on their meds. Call patients who have signed up for the GoodStart program at their pharmacy. You’ll use a script to go over questions and reminders.
  14. List Writers – ListVerse – Earn $100 per list of 10 items or more. Make it quirky, original, and intriguing!
  15. Get Paid for Writing Greeting Cards – Blue Mountain Arts – Pays $300 for greeting card poems, $50 per poem for books. “We’re looking for contemporary prose or poetry written from personal experience….”
  16. Drive for Uber (Even with poor credit and no car) – Uber – Make local trips on your own schedule.
  17. Mystery Shoppers – A Closer Look – Mystery shopping has its fair share of scams, but A Closer Look is one of the legitimate hirers. “Shops” vary – eat in a TGI Fridays, evaluate how a gym signs you up, etc.
  18. Chat in English with Chinese Students on Your Phone – Palfish – Get paid $15/hr. or more chatting with Chinese students who want to try out their English. No teaching experience necessary.
  19. Online Researchers – Wonder – If you like to do research, Wonder pays up to $25/hr. or more, depending on the difficulty of the topic. Questions vary widely – How do you potty train a child? How many hula hoops can my company expect to sell in Iceland? Anything goes….
  20. Transcriptionists – Tigerfish – The company does transcription for major brands, but still hires beginners. Once you hone your skills you can make $15/hr. and up.
  21. 5 Survey Sites That Pay Cash Signup Bonuses – iSurveyWorld and Others – Pick up an easy $22 with signup bonuses at these screened sites.
  22. Virtual Assistants – Fancy Hands – Get paid to make reservations for someone at a restaurant, or cancel their cable. Tasks reportedly pay $2-$4 on average, though some may take longer than expected.
  23. Social Media Moderators (“Remote Content Specialists”) – ICUC – If you’re on Twitter and Facebook often, this part-time gig may be a fit.
  24. Website Testers – UserFeel.com – Get paid $10 for 10-20 minutes, recording your experience as you visit a website. PC or Mac.
  25. Survey Takers – PineCone Research – Earn $3 per survey (15-20 mins., typically). This is one of our top survey site picks. They may also send you free products to test.
  26. Telephone Mystery Shoppers (Scroll down) – InteliChek – Get paid to call and find out the price of an oil change, or details on a warranty. You can live in the US or Canada. Pays bi-weekly.
  27. Transcriptionists – CastingWords – If you have no experience in transcription, you can still start here. Get the hang of it, then earn more on other sites.
  28. Greeting Card Writers – Oatmeal Studios – Pays $75 for entertaining ideas that don’t involve puns, poetry, or anything gross….
  29. Do Micro-Tasks Online – Mechanical Turk – Pays small fees for brief tasks that computers can’t do, like identifying the colors of clothes in an image or classifying websites.
  30. Video Watchers – Swagbucks – Get PayPal cash for watching vids or using Swagbucks’ search engine (powered by Yahoo) for your searches. Also pays a $5 signup bonus.
  31. Mystery Shoppers – Market Force Information – MFI is another longstanding mystery shopping company, behind the Theatre Checkers mentioned above.
  32. Chat Agents – The Chat Shop – If you’re a fast typist and a multitasker, this gig pays $9-$10/hr., depending on exchange rates with the British pound. “Work from anywhere.”
  33. Get Paid to Summarize Books – Instaread – If you love to read, this app provides book summaries for busy readers and pays $100 per published summary.

For more choices, see our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. We post new leads every day except Sunday.

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