37 Work from Home Jobs with No Experience Necessary

By Mike Haaren – Co-Founder – April 28, 2017

37 Work from Home Jobs – No Experience Necessary

If you’ve been looking for a job, you probably know that many jobs require experience. But if you don’t have it, how do you get it? It’s a problem for moms re-entering the workforce, people whose skills no longer fit the jobscape, new grads from high school or college — the list goes on.

But many legitimate home-based jobs and side gigs don’t require experience. They can be a springboard to other jobs, or a source of extra cash for bills or essentials. Here are 37 open now.

  1. Review Ads Online (“Ads Quality Raters”) – ZeroChaos
  2. Paid Virtual Internships for High School & College Students – Kamcord
  3. Child Reading Scorers (Score recordings of children reading) – Literably
  4. Transcriptionists – GoTranscript
  5. Make Local Deliveries in Your Car – Postmates
  6. Get Paid to Go to the Movies – Market Force Information
  7. Receptionists – Vicky Virtual
  8. Courthouse Researchers – DeedCollector and Others
  9. Transcriptionists – Rev.com
  10. Movie Preview Watchers – InboxDollars
  11. Transcriptionists – Babbletype
  12. Virtual Assistants – Fancy Hands
  13. Deliver Packages for Amazon in Your Car – Amazon Flex
  14. Poll Takers – MyPoints (Pays in PayPal cash or, if you prefer, gift cards)
  15. Online Ad Assessors – Lionbridge
  16. Online Crowd Workers – iSoftStone
  17. “Field Agents” – Get paid with your smartphone, “$3 – $12 per task.” Check prices at stores, fill out surveys, etc. – Field Agent
  18. GoodStarters (Help people stay on their meds) – Pleio
  19. Mystery Shoppers – KSS
  20. Earn $15/Hr. or More Chatting in English via App with Chinese Students – Palfish

  1. More English Conversation with Chinese Students – Cambly
  2. Transcriptionists – Tigerfish
  3. Survey Takers – PineCone Research
  4. Website Testers – UserFeel.com
  5. Telephone Mystery Shoppers (Scroll down on page) – InteliChek
  6. Captioners for TV Shows, Video, Etc. – Rev.com
  7. Transcriptionists – CastingWords
  8. Greeting Card Writers – Oatmeal Studios
  9. Grassroots Outreach Writers – NextWave Advocacy
  10. Smartphone Mystery Shoppers – Mobee
  11. Do Brief Tasks Online – Mechanical Turk
  12. Political Outreach Callers (No sales) – NextWave Advocacy
  13. Survey Takers – MySurvey (Pays in PayPal cash or, if you prefer, gift cards)
  14. List Writers – Earn $100 per list of 10 items or more – ListVerse
  15. Market Research Interviewers – MaritzCX
  16. Mystery Shoppers – Market Force Information
  17. Chat Agents – The Chat Shop

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