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5 Ways (With 25 Links) to Earn Cash While the Kids Are at School

by Chandra Osthoff      Updated Sept. 21, 2019

With children back in school, many of us are finding ourselves with a little more free time. Here’s a screened list to help you turn those loose hours into some spare cash.

Review websites

The apps below will pay you to tell you what you think about various websites. You will have to sign up and install an app that will record your screen and voice. Then you will navigate a website, given your candid opinion as you go. The pay varies, but you can generally expect $10-20 for 10-15 minutes of your time. Not bad!

Get out of the house

You can earn some extra money and get rid of your cabin fever all at once with these awesome apps. Pay varies depending on the gig, which can be anything from taking photos for an insurance company to scoping out a rental property.

If those aren’t your jam, you can complete courthouse research for companies like Advanced Background Check, JBS Research Services, or Sunlark Research.

Go shopping

Whoever introduced the idea of making money to shop was a genius! Becoming a mystery shopper for companies like A Closer Look, About Face, or Bestmark is a fun way to pad your wallet. Some companies, like CallCenterQA.org and InteliChek, are even seeking mystery shoppers for over-the-phone purchases.

For all your less mysterious shopping, make sure to pick up the Ibotta app for some sweet savings. Another good option is Ebates, which also gives a $10 signup bonus. A dollar saved is a dollar earned!

Get healthy

Another item on the list of things-I-can’t-believe-people-will-pay-you-to-do is losing weight. HealthyWage allows you to bet on your own weight loss goal and win big when you succeed. You’re essentially making money in the long run by investing in yourself.

Transcribe audio to text

Rev is always seeking more part-time transcribers to turn audio to text. No experience is necessary, so if you have a good ear and strong English skills, it’s worth checking out!

Do surveys

While you won’t get rich quick filling out surveys, it’s certainly a more productive way to kill spare time than scrolling through another page of memes. These are the ones we recommend:

Sell things

What better time to get rid of the toys and clothes that your child no longer needs than when they’re off at school? Not so long ago, we posted a great list of the best places to sell your unwanted things so you can rake in some spare moolah.

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