65 Work from Home Search Terms to Help You Find Your Perfect Job

by Chris Durst     June 29, 2018

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We get many requests for our Big List of Work from Home Job Search Terms, which we’ve expanded even further. So without further ado…

While “work at home” is a common hook for scammers, “this is a work at home position” is more natural to the phrasing used in legitimate work ads. Bottom line, there are fewer legitimate home-based jobs than there are scams, and using the right search terms is a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Bear in mind that these good terms will help to weed out the scams, but some will still slip through. Likewise, not all hits on a bad search term are scams. Use your “gut feeling” and common sense when assessing any job listing.

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  1. This is a telecommuting position
  2. this is a remote position
  3. this home-based position
  4. must have home office
  5. must have a home office set-up
  6. must have a home office set up
  7. must have quiet home  office
  8. Must have your own PC
  9. 1099 position
  10. this is a 1099 position
  11. independent contractor position
  12. virtual office arrangement
  13. remote contractor
  14. will have the option to work from home
  15. off-site position

  1. qualified individual will work from home
  2. must be willing to work from home
  3. remote work
  4. remote workers
  5. virtual company
  6. virtual office
  7. this is a freelance position
  8. contract worker
  9. must have high-speed Internet
  10. this is a telecommuting position
  11. this is a work from home position
  12. this is a home-based position
  13. must have DSL
  14. contract freelance
  15. we are seeking a freelance
  16. may work from anywhere
  17. may work from anywhere in the world
  18. may work from anywhere in the US
  19. work from anywhere in the United States
  20. can work from anywhere in the United States

  1. may work from anywhere in the country
  2. virtual company” + “will work from home
  3. this is an off-site position
  4. this is a telecommute position
  5. full telecommute
  6. full telecommute position
  7. this is a virtual position
  8. candidate will work from a home office
  9. this is an off-site position
  10. this is an independent contractor position
  11. home office with up-to-date computer
  12. we are a virtual company
  13. work from your own location
  14. “will work offsite”
  15. you will work offsite
  16. work from a remote office
  17. call center” + “customer service” + “your home office
  18. customer service” + “quiet home office
  19. our employees work from home
  20. able to create your own hours
  21. able to set your own hours
  22. position can be based anywhere
  23. this is an Internet based job
  24. must have” + “home office” + “quiet environment” + “high speed”
  25. will work from a home office”
  26. “can work remotely”
  27. “work from anywhere”
  28. “we are a distributed team”
  29. “our team works remotely”
  30. “our team is distributed”

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