7 Companies Hiring Food Delivery Drivers – Up to $25/hr

by Chris Durst Aug. 8, 2017

Food delivery apps and websites are popping up everywhere, and every time someone clicks “deliver,” a driver (or biker) goes into action — picking up the food and delivering it to the customer FAST!

Following, is a list of seven companies that post job listings for food delivery people! If you are courteous, quick, and available, apply today with the services in your area!

“Caviar is a service that provides delivery from local restaurants to homes and offices. Founded in 2012, Caviar has helped thousands of people earn income as Couriers.”
The Gig: “Caviar couriers”
Where: Metropolitan areas across the US


  • Earn up to $25/hr! Money is deposited directly to your bank account each week.
  • Anyone with a vehicle (car, truck, bike, scooter, or motorcycle) and a customer-service mentality is eligible.
  • Couriers are compensated for each delivery with a task-based fee. Money is deposited into your bank account each week.
  • Caviar is expanding into new markets very rapidly.

“DoorDash allows every small business to deliver. We offer a delightful convenience to families and individuals who want delicious food delivered to their door, and we help restaurants grow by bringing them more customers.”
The Gig: Dashers
Where: Various cities across the US and Canada


  • Our job is to delight customers
  • Being very familiar with your iPhone or Android is key to this job
  • DoorDashers make up to $25/hour
  • This is an independent contractor position – choose when you want to work!

“Foxtrot is an online delivery market that curates an amazing menu of craft beer, wine, spirits, fresh foods and essentials, and delivers it all in under an hour from our Chicago stores.”
The Gig: Delivery team members
Where: Chicago, IL. You will be picking up orders from our store locations (West Loop and Lincoln Park) and delivering them directly to customers from Lakeview to the South Loop. Delivery distances average about 2 miles.


  • Bikers starting at $12/hour. Drivers starting at $13/hour.
  • Must own a bike, car or other reliable form of transportation
  • Valid drivers license with proof of insurance and clean driving record (for car couriers)
  • Smart phone with a data plan
  • Familiar with and comfortable navigating Chicago
  • Available nights and weekends (5 p.m. to 12 a.m.) for a minimum of 2 days a week
  • Competitive, guaranteed hourly rate based on experience and mode of transportation.

“Deliver people food from their favorite GrubHub restaurants. Become the hero people need.”
The gig: Delivery partners
Where: Cities across the US


  • Earn competitive pay and keep 100% of your tips
  • Pick when you want to work and earn competitive pay when you do
  • Grubhub has more orders than any other order platform
  • Meet super cool customers and transport food that won’t try to make small talk
  • Make friends in our huge network of restaurants and drivers

“There’s only been two options for dinner: cook in or go out. We’re Building the Third Option of Food”
The Gig: Delivery drivers, Bike couriers
Where: Many cities in CA, NY, OR, NY, DC, AZ, CO, VA, WA, MD, NV, UT, NM, NJ


  • Make up to $20 an hour; Get reimbursed for mileage and data
  • Become an employee! with paid sick time, a fat company discount, a regular schedule, and other nifty employee perks like AAA and oil-change discounts
  • Got a bike or car? Proof of insurance, registration, and a valid driver’s license? Are you at least 21 (18 for bike)? And own a smart phone? Then we should talk!
  • Work with a team, focus on a specific neighborhood, no restaurant pick-ups, and a few new T-shirts so you look legit when you arrive at your customer’s door

“Do you love food? Think technology is the bee’s knees? Have the uncanny range to make kids laugh and grandmas smile? Then you may be just who we’re looking for!”
The Gig: Driver Partners
Where: Dozens of cities across the US


  • Drivers are paid once a week via direct deposit (for work from the prior week). Drivers earn a commission on the delivery fee we charge consumers, plus 100% of tips.
  • Fast start – many of our drivers are on the road in as little as 7-14 days

“A Postmate is like a friend who can stop by a restaurant or store and pick up anything you need.”
The Gig: Delivery drivers
Where: Many cities across the US


  • Earn up to $25+/hour on your own schedule
  • You must be over 18; own a bike, car, truck, scooter or motorcycle; have a valid driver’s license; and have an upbeat and positive attitude
  • Postmates receive the majority of the delivery fee, plus 100% of the tip. What does that really mean? Postmates make up to $25/hr. Earnings are deposited weekly.

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