8 Tips for Getting That Work from Home Job ASAP

By Mike Haaren – March 15, 2017

Finding Work from Home Jobs ASAP

Finding that work from home job may take a while, and longer if you’re looking for a high salary and generous benefits. But you can definitely shorten the hunt!

Here are 8 tips for landing that job or gig ASAP.

— Learn new skills (for free) to update and strengthen your resume. Resumes go stale faster now than ever. The growth of the net and online tools has made it imperative to learn new skills frequently. Fortunately, you can get free training, certifications and counseling at resources we’ve listed here.

— Volunteer virtually for the remote work experience that employers increasingly prefer. Volunteering virtually kills several birds with one, well, mouse:

  • You’ll have remote work experience on your resume
  • You’ll get fresh references
  • You’ll beef up your network
  • You may even land a job where you volunteer

For some virtual volunteer jobs for thought-starters, click here.

— You have to play “the numbers game.” Landing most types of WAH jobs is a numbers game. Applying for two jobs every day will clearly produce different results from applying for one job every two days. So the mantra you want to write on your bathroom mirror is, Apply! Apply! Apply!

— Don’t be a Job Diva. Don’t wait for the “perfect” job. It may take months to show up, if it appears at all. If it does, will you get it? If not, how much longer till the next perfect job shows up? Too much waiting, too many “ifs”! Identify jobs that meet your core needs, and apply. Better to be working at a job you “settled for” — and have money coming in, and morale rising — than to fail to pay your bills or keep food on the table.

— Don’t be paralyzed by “What job would be best for me?” Job seekers often lose time and momentum by agonizing over job and career choices. To help you identify the kinds of jobs and careers that would fit you best, see our free Values-Based Job Search Workbook.

— Don’t host that pity party. Job hunting causes self-pity. It’s inevitable — it comes from the rejections, and the mistaken belief that everybody else is working and getting ahead. (It only seems that way because you’re not working. It’s like the world looking different when you’re sick — an illusion.) Surround yourself with positive people, people who support you, care about you, and want you to succeed. Avoid the pessimists, the soured, the disgruntleds. They are Kryptonite to your Super Self. Act accordingly!

— Don’t take it personally when employers don’t reply. More and more companies are replying only to applicants they want to interview. It’s regrettable, and it stings, but it’s a fact. Just keep applying and move on, and “Yes” will come.

— See job, apply. Don’t wait! Good work from home jobs often fill fast. (We’ve seen some disappear in a matter of hours.) When you see a job you like, apply ASAP. And check job resources — like our Daily Jobs page — frequently.

Good luck! And for a morale boost, check out some of the “I Got Hired!” messages from the many people who have found work through Rat Race Rebellion!

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