A How-To Letter from an Old Scammer to a New Scammer – Lessons for Job Seekers

A How-To Letter from an Old Scammer to a New Scammer - Lessons for Job Seekers

by Chris Durst     Jan. 20, 2017

You may remember the great “Walgreens” scam that we uncovered last year – complete with a copy of my chat messages back and forth with the scammers. (If you didn’t catch it, it’s hysterical and well worth the read: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4.)

Unfortunately, there are more scammers following the same course. These things have a way of SPREADING once word gets out in “SCAMMER LAND” that a certain routine works.

I sometimes imagine scammers recruiting others into their seedy world… sharing their successful “formula” with newbies. Perhaps with a letter that goes something like this.

Dear <New Scammer>,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Work from Home Scams! It’s an exciting time to get into this business and I am delighted to take you under my wing and share with you the secret to my success.

I am sure you have heard tales of great wealth flooding into our country from America. They are easy to fool as they are very trusting, and also because we are, of course, of superior intelligence.

Here is my easy-to-follow, step-by-step foolproof guaranteed success plan!


1. Find the name of a big legitimate company that may or may not actually have a work from home program. Steal it.

2. Research that company and find the name of a real recruiter/human resources person from their staff. Steal it.

3. Join job boards that allow resume uploads, and pretend you want to hire workers. This will give you access to the resume database. Access the resumes. Farm email addresses of job seekers.

4. Send “We’re interested in YOU!” emails to every address on the list.

5. Wait for excited job seekers to contact you via email.

6. Set up a Google Hangout  account using the stolen name. (For example, [email protected] Most job seekers won’t realize it’s not actually a corporate email address. If they question it, just tell them it’s one you use for Google Hangouts.)

Then “interview” the job seeker using TEXT ONLY on Google Hangouts. (Don’t worry. We’ll provide you with already written blocks of text that you can just copy and paste into the conversation so it will look like you really know what you are talking about. These have been crafted by our top English-speaking colleagues).

It is important that you NOT accept the Hangout if the job seeker tries to make it a video call. This must be text only or they may discover your true identity.

7. This step is very important. During the conversation with the job seeker, be sure to offer an unreasonably high rate of pay for the work “being offered.” This will guarantee they will jump into the job and you can begin quickly.

8. Take a break to laugh at the foolish job seeker. If you can’t find joy in this line of work, you may not be cut out for success.

9. Tell the job seeker they have the job and email them some documents that look official. Throw in a job description (stolen from a real hirer) and maybe even an IRS tax form to make it look really official. Americans love and respect the IRS. And the job seeker’s social security number has value.

10. Have the “new hire” do a few tasks so they think they have really been hired. I am always amused as I imagine them entering meaningless data into meaningless spreadsheets.

11. Stay in constant contact with your new hire – texting them throughout the day to ensure they are quick to respond when you beckon. Chastise them if they are not prompt in their response. This will be critical as you proceed. It is important that they trust you, but also that they be a little afraid of losing their wonderful new job if they disappoint you.

12. In preparation for the money part of this job, you must get ready to send your new hire money. (No worries, my friend, NOT REAL MONEY. 🙂 Just do one of the following and you’ll be fine:

a. Create fraudulent bank checks and/or money orders (We have great stock in inventory that appears authentic to even a well-trained bank teller.)

b. OR, open a real bank account using fake money. (This is accomplished by opening the account with an initial deposit of a fraudulent bank check or money order.) Be sure to use a false name as this account will be abandoned once the funds are sent to your new hire.

13. Now, tell your new hire one of the following:

a. They need to purchase equipment for their home office from your vendor and you will immediately send reimbursement to them, OR

b. Tell them they will begin receiving payments from you to deposit in their personal bank account. Add that they should immediately withdraw the majority of that money (allow them to keep a certain amount for “their troubles” LOL), and either:

i. deposit it into a specified bank account for a customer of yours (your partner in this scam), OR
ii. wire the money to a specific recipient.

14. This step is important. Once the new hire executes the first money transfer as directed, act quickly to have them do as many as possible, as fast as possible. This is imperative as the checks they have deposited into their account will be revealed as fake and, once that happens, the job seeker will no longer be of any use to you.

15. Remember, we are businesspeople and we must be intelligent in the way we do business. That means you should only use the name of a particular company for no more than 3-4 weeks. After that time, the Americans will be telling everyone they know about the game you have played with them and you will be at risk.

After 3-4 weeks, simply find a new company name and begin again at step 1.

I look forward to a mutually profitable business partnership with you, my new friend.


Sammy Scammy

All jesting aside, if at any time it seems (or feels) as though you are the JOB SEEKER in this or a similar scenario – RUN! Cease communication. Do not transfer or deposit funds for anyone – that’s simply not part of a LEGITIMATE work from home opportunity.

Oh! And remember, we screen all of the jobs we post to the Rat Race Rebellion site, so you can feel safe here. We’ve got your back!


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