ACT FAST! U-Haul Now Hiring Storage Sales Agents Thru 11/16/17

by Chris Durst Nov. 10, 2017

U-Haul just posted a NEW POSITION – Storage Sales Agents – and they’re only hiring for this role through November 16, 2017.


In its earlier job listings, U-Haul included the text, “Work from anywhere in North America.” This is absent from its new listings, but we assume it’s still true. Our Facebook members who work at U-Haul say these jobs are multi-state. (We’ll post here if we learn otherwise.) Per the new listings, you must be available to work Arizona hours.

Here’s what they company has to say about these roles:

Availability Requirements for this position
(If your availability does not match the needs for this position, please view other openings.)

Must be available minimum 6 hours a day at least 4 days during the week from 6am-6pm (AZ time).

Must be available on Sundays from 12pm-10pm (AZ time)

Training Requirements for this position

  • 100% attendance is required for the first 90 days of employment
  • Orientation November 27th & 30th 12pm-2pm (AZ time)
  • Educational period begins Monday December 4th- Monday-Friday 12:30pm-5:30pm (AZ time) for 3 weeks

Must be available to work Holidays.

Our state-of-the-art Call Center provides a variety of in-bound call support. Call center team members take back-to-back, incoming customer calls and provide customers with general assistance before, during and after their rental.

  • Answer incoming calls regarding storage/rental inquiries, accept tenant payments and make reservations for storage rooms, U-Haul trucks, trailers, towing devices, and U-Box portable storage.
  • Answer calls for both company owned stores and our affiliates.
  • Handle details and maintain documentation for all aspects of storage transactions including payments.

This job might be for you if:

  • If you are looking for a part-time work
  • You enjoy helping people and love being rewarded for your performance
  • You thrive in a fast paced environment with a focus on quality and attention to detail
  • You live for a challenge, are goal oriented, be willing to learn different systems, and easily navigate between multiple screens
  • You communicate efficiently through an instant messaging Program
  • You can work independently delivering practical solutions and you thrive in a collaborative team environment
  • You have the perfect home-office which includes being free of distractions and background noise
  • You have a good understanding of U.S. geography

Join our team today and embark on your home career with ample room for growth and exciting opportunities.

Technical requirements: that must be maintained at all times for any work from home position:

A non-wireless USB headset with a microphone: will be required to be compatible with the phone system. (Preferably Plantronics or Sonnhesier)

Internet Requirements: Broadband/high speed internet delivered to the home via a wired connection and a wired connection to the PC/Laptop inside the home.

Internet Speeds:
MINIMUM: 2MB upload, 5MB download, PING below 70
RECOMMENDED: 5MB upload, 10MB download. PING below 70

Computer Requirements PC/Laptop:

  • Windows 8 or 10
  • 4G RAM (minimum) 8G RAM (preferred)
  • 5GB hard disc space available (or greater).
  • Core i3, i5 or i7 or AMD FX, A8, A10, A6, E1, Athlon or Phoenom

Install/use the Company provided anti-virus software. When connected to VPN anti-virus policies are governed by UHI. When not connected to VPN anti-virus policies are governed by the user. This is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance requirement.

The following are not allowed for any work from home position due to security, compatibility or performance concerns:

  • A wireless internet connection. A wireless Internet service (Ex: mobile hot-spot/tethering, satellite, last-mile).
  • Windows XP or Vista operating system.
  • A Celeron or Pentium processor.
  • A rental or public computer/laptop.
  • A public internet connection.
  • May not have any other anti-virus programs installed/running other than the Company provided anti-virus software.
  • Using non-work related programs while working.”

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