“Beginners Welcome” – Make $15/Hr. as a Work from Home Transcriber

By Mike Haaren – Co-Founder – April 26, 2017

Work from Home Jobs – Transcribers, Beginners Welcome – $15/Hr.

Tigerfish, a reputable transcription company with clients that include Google, Capital One, Sony, JPMorgan, NASA, VISA and many others, is always on the lookout for Transcribers to join their team.

Beginners are welcome as long as they can transcribe accurately from audio, the company says on its applicant testing page. “Your transcription times will improve. Ultimately we’re interested in working with people who can accurately transcribe a minute of recorded material.

You’ll need to be an attentive listener, since you’ll be typing from recordings that are made in meetings and a variety of other settings. You’ll hear different accents and vocabulary. In some cases you may have to replay the recording to make sure you’re understanding what’s said.

While the company doesn’t list their pay rate, we’ve spoken with several Transcribers who work for them. They say that with practice you can easily make $15 an hour. But again, individual skills matter, so “your mileage may vary.”

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