Beware! Google Hangouts CHAT Job Interviews are NOT REAL

by Chris Durst    Apr. 12, 2017

I was contacted today by one of our regular visitors who wanted to know if the job interview she just had with Amerigroup was real or a scam. Unfortunately, one glance told me it was a SCAM – one I’d seen before.

Remember the “Walgreens” scam? If you missed it, you really should read the transcripts of my chat conversations with the scammers. It’s informative and fun. (I may have played with them just a “little bit.”)

You can read all four parts at the links below:

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Grand Finale

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the “Amerigroup” rep used EXACTLY the same language, word-for-word, as the “Walgreens” rep. No coincidence, since most of the scammers come from the same area. Indeed, it could be the same people, or friends, or relatives with whom they have shared their recipe for scam success.

PLEASE DO NOT EVER FALL FOR THE, “Following our newest online screening introduced by Better Business Bureaucracy, The interview session will commence online,” line or anything similar. (Better Business Bureaucracy? Definitely a foreign interpretation of the Better Business Bureau.)


Yes, some companies will conduct video interviews via Skype or Hangouts, but not straight up chat interviews.

So, why do scammers use CHAT?

There are a number of reasons, but generally speaking the top reasons are:

  1. You won’t detect the very pronounced accent or other “give-aways” via chat. This may not seem important since many people have accents but, in this case, since they are impersonating real people, there’s always a risk you’ll find details about that person that would reveal their con. For example, it may be a man impersonating a female executive.
  2. It gives them control over the conversation and allows them to use “canned” script. I’ve seen this done dozens of times and nearly every time the script is identical. Since they’re trying to scam many people at the same time, the “copy & paste” feature of this scam makes their lives much easier.
  3. The “work environment” would not be convincing enough for a video chat. These scammers generally work in groups in non-office or overcrowded office space. Not exactly what you’d expect to see in the background in a major corporation’s office.
  4. They can avoid toll charges. International calls are expensive, Hangouts chat if free.
  5. They can easily keep track of multiple victims. With each scammer having many potential victims in play at a time, a chat history helps them to pick up where they left off – after all, you are supposed to be the only candidate for the position. It would just be weird if they could never remember what you last discussed.

BE SAFE, dear Rebels! If it seems “off” it probably is!

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