Calling All High School & College Students! Paid Virtual Internships at Google-Funded Startup

By Mike Haaren – Co-Founder – March 13, 2017

Paid Virtual Internships for High School & College Students – Get Paid to Build Buzz About a Popular New App for a Google-Funded Silicon Valley Company

Kamcord, a well-funded young Silicon Valley company — investors include Google — is offering virtual internships for high school and college students. Hiring is from across the US.

If you have a student in the family, or know someone who does, this looks like a rare chance to accomplish three things — get paid for a virtual internship, add some cool experience to college applications or resumes, and make useful contacts in Silicon Valley, too. Not a bad outcome!

Who is Kamcord? Like Snapchat & Instagram

We’ve written about Kamcord before, when they were looking for a part-time Community Manager to look after their social media. Kamcord has an app that lets you record a 15-second reaction to anything you see on your phone. Then you share what’s on your screen, with your face and voice on top of what you reacted to. Like Snapchat and Instagram, Kamcord is building a community around the app. This is where the student Interns come in.

Why the Internships?

Kamcord wants to grow its student user base, and they need Interns to help make that happen, as Kamcord Ambassadors. It’s a great chance to learn marketing, Silicon Valley style. And Interns won’t have to wing it. “We’ll give you a plan for your high school and provide you with the necessary resources to successfully execute!” the company says. Resources too for college students, though they will develop their own growth plan.

The Internships in a Nutshell 

We have a crash course in modern marketing for Kamcord Ambassadors, the company says. “We’re looking for outgoing and fun loving ambassadors who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and spread the word about our newly launched mobile app…. The benefits to our ambassadors are numerous: this is a paid position, real world experience with a fast growing start-up (your resume is going to look awesome), and a letter of recommendation from our CEO.”

The CEO is Matt Zitzmann, an MIT grad who worked at Google for four years before co-founding Kamcord. Raising $35M from sophisticated investors is no mean feat, and a letter of recommendation from him would be a nice arrow in any student’s quiver.


Pay isn’t mentioned, but virtual internships with any pay at all are hard to come by. And this is one where the cliché you see in UNPAID internships — “You’ll get valuable experience!” — actually seems able to live up to its billing.

Kamcord employees in Glassdoor reviews give it 5 stars out of 5. To go straight to the internships for high school students, click here. For the internships for college students, click here. If you decide to apply, good luck!

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