Chris Durst is Too “Ugly” and “Old” for Videos

by Chris Durst       Sep. 25, 2017

So, I cruised into Friday feeling pretty good about the week. We’d posted lots of great work from home jobs, received a bunch of “thanks, I got hired” emails, and I had had a nice week on the personal front as well.

Then I opened this email:

Well… just… wow!

For some reason this email made me laugh so hard. (It seriously did. Mike was on the phone with me and he can attest to that.) Now, I’m sure that wasn’t the desired reaction, but I just couldn’t help myself.

For a little perspective, the message came from a woman we banned twice from our Facebook page because she was flaming other users and making trouble. We banned her the first time then gave her a second chance and she jumped right back in with her old tricks, so we banned her again. Our Facebook page, our rules – sorry trolls.

The weird thing is, the second ban was a few months ago. Then BAM… this OLD HORSE FACE email arrived. That means she’s been lurking, stewing and, apparently, watching my videos during that time. It takes a special kind of bitter to do that.

So, why did I laugh?

I laughed because I choose to be happy and her email reminded me that not everyone makes that choice. There are those who choose to be bitter, or petty, or put-out and, while I will never be able to wrap my mind around that mentality, it’s their choice.

Still, in spite of her attempt at an attack on me, I would like to try to brighten her day. So…

Dear Megan,

I hope you are reading this because I have a photo and a short story to cheer you up. The photo alone might do it as I’m not wearing any makeup, my hair is a mess, and I’m sweaty and dusty from hiking. In short, no attempt to look young here – this is what 54 looks like for real!

I was visiting a local farm with my son on Sunday – you know, petting the horses and such (for some reason I feel a special connection to the horses – perhaps because we look alike), when I stumbled over a rock and fell hard to the ground.

Now, when I was younger, I probably would have bounced right back up and kept walking. Now that I am so old, I laid on the ground cussing without shame while I saw stars and tried not to pass out. Being old is a bitch. The only good thing about it is I can swear pretty colorfully around my 29 year old son and I couldn’t have done that when I (and therefore he) was younger.

I got my act together after a few minutes and spent another hour at the farm, then went to lunch with my son and his wife. After dropping them off, I went to the emergency room. (Fortunately, they didn’t turn me away and send me to the nearest equine veterinarian or eldercare clinic.)

Several x-rays and hours later, I learned nothing was broken. I know that’s disappointing, but take heart – a couple of muscles pulled away from the bone and I am almost certainly guaranteed to be in pain for at least a week. Maybe longer because I don’t heal as quickly as I did when I was young.

So, let me say… YOU WERE RIGHT, MEGAN! Lesson learned, if I had been “acting my age” I may not have been out walking with my wonderful son, on a beautiful fall day, among the lovely animals and this would not have happened. Maybe next weekend I’ll just watch videos and send emails instead.

Thank you for your genuine concern and stellar advice!



P.S. – I know how much you miss communicating in our own special way with our followers, so I have shared your message with everyone so you won’t feel so left out.

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