Earn $15/Hr. Checking Ads Online at ZeroChaos

By Mike Haaren – Nov. 10, 2016

Work from Home Jobs at ZeroChaos – Non-Phone, No Experience Necessary

ZeroChaos seeks “average internet users” to review ads online. Pay is $15/hr. Part-time, temporary. Virtual training provided. No experience necessary, no state hiring restrictions mentioned.

A number of our Facebook members have been hired this week. Here are some of their posts:

— “I got hired! This is my third week with ZeroChaos as an Ads Quality Rater. I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you Rat Race Rebellion!!!!!” — ‎Taiasha Reese‎

— “I just wanted to say thank you, I was just hired by ZeroChaos as an ad rater.” — Kathy Dunbar

— “I recently received an email from ZeroChaos with a job offer…” — Karen Jonas

ZeroChaos has been hiring home-based workers for years, often for Google projects like this one. It’s a legitimate company, and these are real jobs. They currently list “1,200 openings.” However, this may have decreased since it was posted. Regardless, you should apply (or share with friends who are looking for work) as soon as you can.

What’s the gig? Basically, you’ll be looking at ads that come up with a Google search. Do the ads fit with the search? The job title, as the Facebook posts mention, is Ads Quality Rater.

You’ll need a secure net connection, smartphone, and a computer. NOTE, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE BILINGUAL FOR THESE JOBS. ZeroChaos hires bilingual Raters, too, as detailed on the job page. But all you need for this job is English and familiarity with American culture. You’ll be applying for the “English Language, United States Region” opening.

For details, click here. For a backup link, click here and scroll down to the “English” listing. To see the posts on our Facebook page, click here. Good luck!

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