Envelope Stuffing – Are Any Legitimate?

Dear Rat Race Rebellion: My husband lost money in an envelope-stuffing scheme a few years ago, and now he says that all home-based jobs are scams. He says that I shouldn’t even look for home-based work. But you say these jobs do exist. What should I tell him? — Wanda, Walla Walla, Wash.

Dear Wanda: Tell your husband that, although we sympathize with his point of view and unfortunate experience, you talked to a “higher authority.” (That would be us!) While the scam ratio is high, many home-based jobs are perfectly legitimate.

Point out to your husband that telework is an established trend and it’s growing steadily. Employers now include Aetna, American Express, Google, 1-800-FLOWERS, U-Haul and many more.

If he needs more persuasion, tell him that hundreds of thousands of home-based customer service agents are already employed in the U.S. alone. Tell him that entire companies have been built “virtually,” including MySQL, which was sold to Sun Microsystems in 2008 for $1 billion. That’s a lot of stuffed envelopes!

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