FINAL Walgreens Boots Alliance Scam UPDATE – INVESTIGATION

by Chris Durst     Sep. 27, 2016

Wow! So much to share, dear Rebels!

I was just called, “the BIGGEST FOOL IN AMERICA,” by our scammer friend! Seriously, you’re going to love this installment.

Also… there is a CALL TO ACTION at the end of this post! I want your help making the scammer crazy(ier)!

The last conversation I posted here concluded on Sunday evening. This chat resumes on Monday morning and, oh my goodness, does it get heated!

See the previous installments here” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

This is the continuation of my Google Hangouts dialogue with the scammers. (My comments and observations are noted in [bracketed bold red] comments.):


Mon, 7:04 AM

Angel Henderson ([email protected])

Good morning Mr, Chris [You’ll notice I am still “Mr. Chris,” but, as you’ll see, I will suddenly become “Mrs. Chris” during the course of this dialogue. Weird, right?]
are you there


ME: Hello

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
how was your night ?

ME: Fine.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
good to know

ME: But you need to be aware that it is only 7:38AM. You tell me to contact you at 8AM my time, but you always start looking for me early. Then you get upset even though you have the wrong time.
If it will be like this always, I cannot do it. You are impatient for the wrong reasons. [Time to play some head games. This guy has been pushing my buttons with the aggressive “you are in my control” attitude.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i never blamed you for this
I am only contacting you to ask you some questions before you make deposit this morning
that’s all

ME: You have in previous conversations, Angel. You get impatient if I do not answer your early messages.
I will make the deposit when the bank opens.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
I’m sorry about that but this is a Job [Ha! “This is a job”] and i need you to be communicating with me so that the Job process can keep going
what time will your Bank open this morning ?

ME: My bank opens at 9AM. I will be there by 10.

Angel Henderson ([email protected]m)
okay, take a picture of the check and email it to ( [email protected] ) [Are you kidding me? He wants me to send him a picture of the non-existent check from my uncle? This means one of two things, or maybe both of two things – (1) they want to call the bank to see if there are sufficient funds to cover the check, and/or (2) they are looking for the routing and account number on my big, fat, fictional check!] we want to see if the funds will be credited today so that you can order the programs and start training tomorrow with the equipment

ME: [Time to make them nervous and call their bluff.] I will need to call my uncle first to see if he is comfortable with that. It is his check and it has all of his account number, routing #, etc. on it.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
oh no need for all that [Wait, is that sweat on your brow, Angel?]

ME: I am calling him now. [Just being a good worker and niece here!]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
and it doesn’t mean anything [More sweat…]
no need  [dripping…]
it’s alright if you can’t send it [pouring…]
since you are not comfortable yourself with it [saturating sweat!]

ME: No answer. I left him a voicemail. [ 😉 ]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i already told you that is not needed  [“Why don’t you ever listen to me?!]

ME: It’s ok, he won’t mind. I’ll just tell him no need

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
just want to be sure so that the vendor can be updated
no problem
you will be running a task this morning, i am waiting on the director’s update

ME: You told me yesterday, ” it will clear instantly” [Yesterday you knew everything with certainty, today you need to see a copy of the check.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])

ME: OK. What kind of task? You mean starting work?! ☺

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
that’s why i want to look at it to know what type of check was issued to you
not starting work
a task each candidate runs while they’re waiting on the equipment

What is the task?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
would contact you later on here on that
message me by 9am your time on here once you’re headed to the bank to make deposit
would message you on here as well by 9am [Bossy, bossy, bossy]
stay blessed

ME: ok

Mon, 7:51 AM
ME: I will be leaving soon as I have other errands to complete before the bank opens.
You wanted me to contact you at 9, but, since my neighbor is driving me, I need to stick to his schedule and he wants to leave in 10 minutes. [I keep throwing the neighbor in there so I have a built-in excuse for delaying and annoying Angel.]
I will see if I can get him to wait a few more minutes, but I do have to try to keep to his schedule since he is doing me a favor.
Mon, 8:35 AM
OK, I have to go to the bank now. [Angel, my Angel, have you abandoned me?]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])

ME: You wanted me to check with you.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
do you still have Mr Frederick’s info ? [Flashback – “Mr. Frederick is the man I am supposed to send the MoneyGram too.]

ME: Yes.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
okay, withdraw any amount that is firstly available after deposit and send to him using Walmart Money gram service
then send the money gram ref# with amount sent on here and email receipt of payment once done

ME: Ok, I will send you the email as soon as I return home. [Playing with him a bit here. He wants instant updates, and I am saying I will contact him when I get home. He won’t like that!]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
have you been receiving the text messages have been sending you ?

ME: No.
To what number have you been sending them?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
so you don’t receive text message on your cell number

ME: Not from you.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])

ME: No. That is not a cell #.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
then give me a cell# [Say please, rudeling!]

ME: The cell is 860-XXX-XXXX.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
alright, would text you asap

ME: What number will you be sending from so I will know.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you would know the text is from me

ME: Yeah. OK.
I am leaving now.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i should expect you back home by when? [Scammers are SO persistent when they think money is coming soon.]
alright, i am waiting to hear back from you

Angel • Mon, 9:07 AM
Angel Henderson ([email protected])
Hello [So very…]
are you there [impatient…]
Angel • Mon, 9:44 AM

Meanwhile, on my cell phone…



Angel Henderson ([email protected])
Are you back home already

ME: Yes. I just arrived home. [Oh yes, I am home (never left actually) and I am about to drop a bomb that is sure to set you off!]
The bank did not clear any funds yet.
They told me it will be available tomorrow morning.
So, I will run to Walmart in the morning.
Sorry for the delay.
I told them I needed part of it cleared today, but that is not their policy.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
a BOA Bank?
Bank Of America? [I told him I banked at BOA and “another bank” in an earlier conversation.]

ME: No, I went to my other bank. [Driving home the pain. You just know his head is exploding now. He is throwing things and screaming to his cronies about how stupid I am.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you should have used BOA [Grrrrrrr – kaboooom!]

urkelME: Oh, do they do it differently? [Well gosh. Who-da thunk?]
It is now in my other bank. And will clear by tomorrow morning.
So, pretty fast. And I can do it all at once instead of in two installments too.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
what bank is your other bank [Desperation]

ME: it is a credit union.
They told me tomorrow.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
so why didn’t you use the BOA ? [Trying not to call me stupid to my “face” while I am laughing hysterically as I imagine the scene where he is at this moment! HA!]

ME: Because my neighbor was driving and he was going by the other bank.
I didn’t know that it would make a difference.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
the vendor would have started installation needed software programs already today if some money has been paid
installation takes time and they need to make the shipment early so it could be delivered within 24 hours

ME: [Hey, here’s an idea…] Perhaps you can send them money to get it started and just deduct it from my first paycheck. [Just sayin’ – since you are a big company and you were going to send me a check anyway – right?!]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
other candidates paid themselves [I know, and that’s exactly why I am going to nail your hide to the wall!]
this is your Job not mine [LOL! Are you laughing as hard as I am?]

ME: yes, but you said you were sending me a check by FedEx earlier to cover the materials, so I assumed that it is an expense you are prepared to pay for.
I will send the money when I have it tomorrow, but today is not possible.
The money is not yet in my account.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
we talked about BOA [Why oh why do you have to make my life so hard, Mr. Chris?]
not credit union
i know BOA policy
you have informed me credit union i would have advised you to use your BOA so that we can be able to work with time

ME: You asked me which accounts I had and I told you BOA and another. I didn’t realize you wanted me to deal with a particular bank.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
BOA is very good
they’re more popular and their checking system is very good

ME: [Time to take little Angel on a roller coaster ride.] I don’t appreciate your tone, Angel. I am not obliged to tell my employer which bank I am using. That is my personal business. You are acting like I am a child and you are my parent.
You ask for a lot of things and it is starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable. You tell me to get an ATM card and now you want to know my bank. These do not seem like normal questions from an employer. Should I be worried?
I have every intention to do this, but your tone is making me uncomfortable.
May I speak with your manager?
I don’t think your manager or Walgreens would approve of the tone you are using with me.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
sorry how?
i am just enlightening you [Enlightening. Nice.]
why are you taking it oo personal

ME: We are talking about $4,100 and that is a lot of money to me. Yes, I need the job and I will send it tomorrow, but your attitude toward me worries me. [Giving Angel whiplash. Every time he thinks it’s a done deal, I switch directions.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
worries you about what

ME: I am taking it personal because you are treating me like a child who has behaved badly.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i am only enlightening you, have never asked you for any info or anything but it’s normal for everybody to use an atm card and you said you don’t want that i never said it’s important you have it
oh no
i am not

ME: I am thinking I will call Walgreens Human Resources and ask if I can deal with a different person. [Of course, Angel doesn’t know that I have already spoken with the folks at Walgreens.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
this is a position within my Team
i get who i need
it has nothing to do with the upper management [Wow, does he really think I would believe that the buck stops with him? No manager? Nobody to answer to?]

ME: So, you will be my boss during my time with the company?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
others has paid since last week and you just want to pay and i am trying to enlighten you on what you can do, is that too much?
the process is step by step

ME: It is not normal to scold someone for using their own bank.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i am not scolding you
but you can believe me BOA is a better Bank
is that too much?
bank’s are better than each other

ME: Anyway, the check has been deposited in my credit union account and it will be cleared tomorrow. [Deal with it, dirty scammer!]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
like USAA bank is a type of Bank that releases all check funds instantly no matter the amount, that is because their checking system is more stronger and devloped [This makes me so mad. USAA is a bank used by US military families and this tells me he’s been running his con on them. Bastard. We WILL nail you for this.]
not an issue
it’s not a problem at all

ME: Yes, I know USAA. My son is military. [My son was in the USAF. He’s out now.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
but whenever i am trying to advice you on something or give you an idea, don’t take it too far, it’s just normal human thing and you can bet that i am your friend

ME: [Another curve ball comin’ atcha, Angel!] I can drive the money to Mr. Best as I live very near his location.
Would that be better? So I can pick up equipment and get going faster?
I can do that tomorrow when the money is in.
This way it speeds everything up.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
we operate with different vendor’s and Mr Best might not be available tomorrow [Of course he’s not!]

ME: And makes up for the day I lost for not using BOA.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
and we have been discussing this with him for a while now so it would hurt him if we give the job to our other vendor

ME: Oh. OK. Should I send the money to a different person?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
that’s why i want him to get your equipment Job but it seems his out now since you can’t pay for him to start working on it today

ME: Or, I have the list you sent me so I can pick all of the items up at Best Buy and Staples. [Really, I am just so sorry I didn’t use BOA and I just want to make it up to you, Boss!]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
they can’t have our stuff on it
you need the materials from our certified vendor that we have been working with they know all what you need

ME: If Mr. Best is out should I send my payment to a different person tomorrow, or still to him?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i will be giving you the vendor’s WellsFargo Bank Account information that you will be making a cash deposit to for the order of the equipment tomorrow morning


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you need to do an assignment now [Oh goody. I can hardly wait.]


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
what email address do you want it to be sent to?

ME: [email protected]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
okay, hold
the assignment has been sent to you
gotten it?

ME: Ok. I am looking at it now
I was hired for data entry position.
I am trying to figure out what writing an article has to do with that job?

[Ready for this one? The assignment was as follows:

“Business or Personal Article.
*********Write an article on managing your cash flow using your own words.
*********Each article must be at least 2 pages with examples.
APA Format preferred.
MS Word Document.
You have 12 hours time limit to finish the assignment and email the answers back to me once done, thanks.”]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
it’s an assignment, your intelligence is needed [Bahahahahaha!]

ME: Is this the correct assignment?
I see. OK

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
run the Task you have and email it back so your trainer can know how brilliant [seriously… you can’t even make this stuff up, folks] you are
a simple task to test your IQ


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
message me on here once the task has been completed and returned, thanks

ME: OK. I will have it by this evening.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
have a good day

ME: Thank you

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
welcome ma’am [And just like that – I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR! Only on the internet, my beloved Rebels! It’s a miracle!]

ME: Oh, how am I to get the money into the Western Union account? [I intentionally said Western Union instead of Wells Fargo. Showing my “brilliance.”]
Will you send the details to me for tomorrow?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
what western union account please?

ME: You said, ” i will be giving you the vendor’s WellsFargo Bank Account information that you will be making a cash deposit to for the order of the equipment tomorrow morning”
Did you forget?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you are saying western union now
not WellsFrago

ME: Sorry, yes, Wells Fargo My error.
Will you be sending the Wells Fargo details so I can make the deposit?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
do you have the cash to pay now? [Do I detect sarcasm, Angel?]

ME: No I will have it in the morning as we discussed.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
would give you tomorrow morning as mentioned ealier


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
have you used western union before?

ME: No [Of course I have, sheesh, really? But I don’t want Angel changing gears now.]
I just made an error. I meant Wells Fargo.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
do you have a Wellsfargo Bank close to you ?

ME: I think so. [Not even! The nearest one is about an hour away. Google Maps, Dude – try it.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
how close is the Bank to you Mrs. Durst ?

ME: I have an appointment in Hartford so it will be right there. [Just in case he DOES use Google Maps, I had better find a reason to be near a Wells Fargo.]
Just a couple of minutes.
It will be very easy.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
Wellsfargo is close to you in your city

ME: How what?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
then you make the cash deposit before going to your appointment [Doesn’t the dictatorial tone just kill you?]

ME: Yes. That is what I plan.
By 9:30AM

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you mean the payment would be made before 10am your time at exactly 9:30am right ?

ME: I don’t know “exactly” but I should certainly have it in before 10.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
no problem, i will be giving you the vendor’s Bank info that you will sending the money to by 8am once you check-in with me tomorrow

ME: Ok, but I will be leaving the house early, so please send a bit earlier just so I am sure to have it.
Thank you.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
okay, i will have it sent to you by 7am tomorrow then

ME: Perfect!

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
work on the assignment now and let me know once done, thanks

[An hour later…]
Angel Henderson ([email protected])
How is your Mother’s health ?

[Another hour passes during which I have been letting him sit without response…]
Angel Henderson ([email protected])

ME: Yes hello
Angel Henderson ([email protected])
so how is your Mother’s health now ?

ME: Recovering

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
we thank God


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
are you still working on the assignment ?

ME: Yes [No, besides, you gave me 12 hours. What’s the big hurry, bub?]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
let me know once done

ME: Ok
ME: [90 minutes later] I have sent my assignment to [email protected]

[Angel has been quiet, so I decide to stir the pot a bit. Do you have a conscience, Angel?]

Angel – I have been talking to you for a few days now, and I think I can trust you.

I don’t have very much money and I really need a job. There are a few things that seem a little strange, like the FedEx shipment being canceled and that there is not a Walgreens Boots Alliance email address.

I need to be 100% sure that this is a real job and not a scam since I am going to spend $4,100 tomorrow.

I need your most honest word – a promise – that this is legitimate. I trust you, Angel. If it is a scam, please tell me honestly now, so I don’t make a big mistake.
Friends are telling me to be very careful and that it could be a scam, so I need your word.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
what do you mean scam

ME: I don’t really know, but some of my friends are saying I need to be careful sending so much money.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
have never told you that you are going to pay an out of pocket money before we start the process [Earth to Angel, com in, Angel! YOU have been trying to get me to send you money out of my pocket for days now, half-wit.]

ME: I showed a friend and she asked why the email address is not from the Walgreens Boots Alliance site.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
are your friends your employer
any things are going on around the world this days and you can’t blame someone for it it
it is from WBA [They purchased the domain with the letters “WBA” in it to try to convince people it stood for Walgreens Boots Alliance.]
that’s the abbreviation
and i am not dealing with your friends but you alone, why should i be worried about them
this is a Job

ME: But I am paying out of pocket before I begin. I am sending money tomorrow and there is no more check coming via FedEx as before. So I am having to trust.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you are not spending any much [Not much? You are pretty anxious to get your hands on any amount from me. From $160 to $4,100. Why are you so desperate to get your hands on such a “small” amount?]
you are simply follow the hiring process

ME: Not much? $4,100 is not much to you? It is to me.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
not at all
that is not a problem

ME: So, I have your trustworthy promise that this is all real? Please.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
a direct deposit will be made to you on Friday after you receive the equipment on Wednesday or you get a tracking number for your reimbursement on Wednesday via UPS
what do you mean
i do my Job
and i get paid for it
everything here is good please [Yeah, I’m sure it is, you SOB. Since you’ve been lining your pockets with money stolen from unsuspecting job seekers.]

I just needed to ask. They scared me with their concerns.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])

[And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back while Angel the Scammer “enlightens” you about friendship.]
people don’t want you to succeed at times, even your family not to talk of friends

ME: Oh, my friends are just watching out for me. They don’t want me to lose my home. [Planting a seed here. Will Angel relent if he thinks I stand to lose my home if I lose my money?]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
they don’t want you earning more than them, they want to be better than you and they would do anything in their power to put you under them [Damn, Angel, you must have some really terrible friends, man.]
your home?

ME: My friends are not like that. They are good people. They are just concerned for me.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
because of what
it’s okay but great Jobs don’t come like that

ME: Yes, because if I pay money and don’t make money I will be unable to pay my mortgage.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you can’t share evetything with your friends
you can’t see them from the inside
I’m a mother and Grand Mother [Dude, I’m not buying that.]
that’s why i don’t want you to loose this position as a woman that you are
i have a lot of friends too

I guess I just needed to hear that. Thank you.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
but i can never tell them about my success [Angel has some serious hangups where friends are concerned, huh?!]
they will have alot of things to say about that! they might not have that kinda opportunity

ME: Yes. Ok

300-1Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i have tried alot to work with you and hearing this does not make me happy
i want to make you proud Chris

Thank you for that.
I will go happily to the Wells Fargo in the morning then.
Thank you for the confidence!
I am excited to get started!

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
so you can happily thank me later and maybe reward me for my effort [Wait. What? Is Angel looking for a little bonus? A tip? A bribe? Let’s test that theory!]

ME: Yes.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
it is my Job to make sure every candidates have chosen to be on the team
so please, all i need you to do if to follow up with all the instructions am giving you on here so that we can get this done on time

ME: Is there somewhere I can send you personally a little thank you? A small payment.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i don’t need it
why are you sounding like that
I’m human

ME: Oh, because you said maybe a reward for you. I misunderstood.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
no matter what position i am today is what God has placed me [Somehow, I think God might not agree that he has made you a scammer.]


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you can be happy to do so when we meet in person at the board meeting [So, data entry clerks attend the “board meeting”? Awesome. How… radical!]


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
but i don’t want you sharing this with everybody till you actually receive your equopment

ME: I didn’t know there was to be an in-person meeting. That is exciting.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
that is when i will brag about you my candidate

ME: OK. I will stay quiet. [I mean, what am I gonna do, post this conversation online or something?]

Angel Henderson ([email protected].com)
don’t let people know about your success [Put your boots on, Bean (my office cat), it’s getting deep in here now!]


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
so when they know about it they will be surprised

ME: Yes. Good idea. [OK, you guys act surprised alright?]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
nobody can stop you now anyway, you are on your way to honing the best team of healthcare in the United States

ME: Great!

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
I have tried my best for you and have done all what is needed now

ME: Yes, and I really appreciate it.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
so it’s left for you to make the payment tomorrow while i get you the Tracking# for the shipment of the equipment

ME: yes. [Thanks, Angel. I almost let me good-for-nothing friends ruin this golden opportunity for me. How can I every thank you? Oh yes…]
I will check here for the Wells Fargo details in the morning! Thank you!

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
enjoy your day ma’am

ME: Yes. You as well.


Angel Henderson ([email protected])
Good morning Mrs Chris
are you there

ME: Good morning. I am dressing for my appointment [Remember, I have told him I have an appointment in Hartford.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you need to make the cash deposit before going [So pushy. Insisting that I make the deposit before my appointment. Can’t really blame him, I’ve been stringing him along for days and it’s finally “go” time!]

ME: I checked my account online and the money has cleared. So I am all set to make the Wells Fargo deposit!
Yes. As we discussed. All I need are the Wells Fargo Bank information so I can make the deposit.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
Bank Name: WellsFargo
Account Name: Shaun Johnson
Account Number: 7231555XXX
that’s the info write it out and make no mistake
you are making a cash deposit for funds to be available for immediate use [Don’t mess this up, Mr/Mrs Chris! We want the money today!]

ME: Okay. So this exact details. I can do that.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
[How to Make a Bank Deposit – by Angel the Scammer] yes, all you need to do it take the cash of $4,100 with you into a WellsFargo Bank and fill out there cash deposit form and send
that’s all the info you need to make a cash deposit

ME: Very simple. I can manage that.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you can take a picture of the receipt and email it to ( [email protected] )
how long should we expect to receive the receipt ma’am ? [Seriously? C’mon, dude. Have a little pride.]

ME: Well, it is only 7:22 a.m. here. My bank opens at 9 a.m. and I can withdraw the funds. I will be depositing the money in a Wells Fargo Bank in Hartford which is about 45 minutes from here.
It should be done by 10 a.m.
10:30 at the very latest. So in only 3 hours it will be done.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
would text you later on
stay blessed

ME: Okay.

[8:57 AM – I am still in my office and apparently Angel sees that my Hangouts account shows me as online.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
Are you still at home ma’am ?

ME: No

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you have hangouts on your phone now?

ME: Yes. [Sure, we’ll go with that.]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
hope you have the cash now and headed to the WellsFargo bank to make the cash deposit ?

[READY FOR THIS? Time to pin Angel’s ears back for being such a micro-managing nag.]

ME: Yes. You have asked me to do something and I am doing it. It is rather an insult to my intelligence that you insist on checking on me every step of the way. You have given me instructions. If you trust me enough to hire me you should trust me enough to complete this task.
I feel like a small child being followed around by his mother. It’s a bit insulting.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
oh sorry
i like the way you sound [Hysterical!]
just like a Boss [I grovel at your feet, Mr/Mrs. Chris. You da man/woman!]
it’s good for us and the team
you will be a great asset to the team, i love your spirit and confidence
i now understand you better than you can handle things on your own and do great
message me once the cash deposit has been made then, stay blessed ma’am

ME: I will let you know when the deposit has been made. And I will send you a copy of the receipt.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])

[10:15 AM I TRY TO GET ANGEL ON WEBCAM VIA GOOGLE HANGOUTS. Of course, he doesn’t accept the call. Instead, I get this message…]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
so why have you been lying
there is no such thing scam here

ME: What are you talking about?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
what have you been posting online about us [Finally, after all this time, they have finally decided to Google me! They must have discovered the first three entries in this series – Go Angel & Co. Too bad you didn’t catch on BEFORE the authorities were on the case and you had provided me with enough information to help them track you down.]

ME: Ah, and so you have finally smartened up!
If you are not scamming, why don’t you speak with my by webcam now?
Surely if you have nothing to hide, you will not be afraid to show your face.

[Another cam call attempt, another refusal]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
what do you mean
[Another cam call attempt, another refusal]

ME: You know exactly what I mean.
Answer my webcam call request and we can talk.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
talk about what
we don’t run scam here
you are confused

[Another cam call attempt, another refusal]
[Another cam call attempt, another refusal]

ME: I am not confused at all
I know exactly what is going on.
Do you really think it is OK to scam people in the US?
Do you honestly think that everyone here is rich and can afford to lose the kind of money you are stealing from them?
You are a thief and a coward.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
am not a thief [Am not. Are so. Am not. Are so. An NOT.. MOMMY!]

ME: Even now, you hide and will not accept a video call from me. Come on, defend yourself, Coward!

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you are the coward here

ME: how?
Prove it. Answer your call.

[Another cam call attempt, another refusal]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you are truly jobless

ME: no answer, Coward?
[Another cam call attempt, another refusal]
Actually, I am not jobless at all, “Angel” who is a devil and a thief.
If you have found my posts about you, then you should also be able to Google to learn a bit more about me.
You like to run a con on innocent victims. How does it feel to be the one at the other side of the con?
Have you enjoyed our conversations?
Have you stayed awake at night praying the money would actually show up?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])

ME: Have you discovered yet who I really am?

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you are a man ofcourse [The verdict is in – I AM A MAN! Whew. Glad to have that settled!]

ME: I have discovered who you are. You are a coward.
Oh, am I?
As are you.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
i am no coward [Seems like I may have hit a sore spot here. Let’s make the most of it.]

ME: You are a man. Not a mother and grandmother as you told me.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you are the coward here

ME: How so? Tell me how I am a coward.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
too bad i am a woman [Too bad.]

ME: Good, because no real man would behave in this way. Stealing money from people who need work.
Man or woman, your father would be ashamed of you.
And, by the way, you are a man. This I already know.

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
go and enjoy your 15 thousand dollars check lol

ME: So, tell me how I am a coward? I am anxious to hear your assessment of me.
Sir, I do not need a $15K check from anyone. And I am not the one who is stealing from innocent people.
My fun has been in playing with you. A con artist and a fraud. A coward and a sinner.
You and your small circle of cons.
Yes, I also know you are not alone.
Take my video call, Coward.
[Another cam call attempt, another refusal]

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you calling me coward?
you need to stop that

ME: coward

Angel Henderson ([email protected])
you are too broke to talk to me like that
you are the biggest fool in america [LOL! I just love this line.]

ME: You truly think I am broke?
Do your research, Sir. You will find I am not.
You will find that I deal with cowards like you all the time.
Message not delivered. [Angel has left the building!]

And so ends my relationship with Angel. Rest assured that we have provided the proper Federal agencies with all of the information we have gathered (but which I will not note here as it appears Angel & Co. have finally found this site – Hi Angel!), and they are in the loop on all of this.

I hope this series of communications has been “enlightening” and perhaps even a little entertaining.

Stay safe, Rebels!

A CALL TO ACTION! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE EVERYONE WHO HAS GOOGLE HANGOUTS SEND THE WORD “COWARD” TO [email protected] (Note, in doing so, you may receive a nasty reply from “Angel” since he will believe all of the messages are coming from Mr/Mrs Chris using a variety of Hangout names.)

Since that seems to have really rubbed our scammer buddy the wrong way, let’s send him a very clear message that we, as a community, see him for what he really is — a COWARD.

SERIOUSLY, share these posts and this CALL TO ACTION with all of your Hangouts friends and just ask them to send one COWARD message to “Angel” at [email protected]

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