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By Mike Haaren – Rat Race Rebellion Co-Founder – April 27, 2018

Work from Home Jobs & Gigs – Get Cash for Greeting Card Poems & Funny Sayings

Got a way with words? Known for your funny comebacks or comments? You can earn up to $300 for a greeting card poem, or $100 for a funny phrase. Here are six options to choose from.

— Blue Mountain Arts: Pays $300 for greeting card poems, $50 per poem for books. “We’re looking for contemporary prose or poetry written from personal experience that reflects the thoughts and feelings people today want to communicate to one another, but don’t always know how to put into words.” For details, click here.

— Calypso Cards: Buys ideas and artwork for several lines of greeting cards. “We are currently seeking copy for Selfish Kitty, a humor line which is edgy but not cruel or degrading. The audience for Selfish Kitty is young, urban, educated.” Payment amounts not mentioned. For more, click here.

— Oatmeal Studios: Reportedly pays $75 for greeting card and notepad ideas. “We reject the following: PUNS, GROSS IDEAS, MEAN IDEAS, LENGTHY POETRY or PROSE, NARROWLY FOCUSED IDEAS (ie: new baby for quintuplets).” Click here for more.

— American Greetings: This company will pay you for your work, but the amount isn’t mentioned. To submit your ideas, you have to sign their Disclosure Agreement and send it in with your material. “We very seldom need to go outside our company to purchase new ideas, writings or designs,” the company says. “Nevertheless, we are sometimes willing to discuss with people not in the employ of
our company any ideas, writings or designs which might lead us to even greater creativity.” For details, click here.

— Snafu Designs: Pays $100 per idea. “Our humorous cards use clever ideas that are simple, concisely delivered, and aimed at a ‘smart’ adult audience. We like our cards to invoke a laugh-out-loud response from the reader.” For guidelines, click here.

— RSVP: “We are always looking for new talent when it comes to writing! We publish cards with fresh and innovative messages that express sentiments in interesting, non-formulaic ways. Our line has a broad range of card types, from short and sweet to witty and sharp to long and heart-felt. While humor writing will always be slightly different than non-humor writing, here are some common qualities that we look for when it comes to writing for our greeting cards.” Payment amount not specified. For more, click here.

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