Get Up to $35 per 2-Min. Video, Reviewing Beauty Products

By Mike Haaren – Dec. 13, 2016

Work from Home Jobs & Gigs – Get Paid for Beauty Vids

If you can do brief videos reviewing beauty products, or sharing beauty tips, Darby Smart will pay you $20-$35 per video. They’re looking for videos of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Your video can cover any of these areas, among others. You can pick your own assignment:

— beauty product reviews
— hair tutorials
— make-up tutorials
— celebrity make-up look-alikes

Darby Smart is a video community where people watch and share how-to videos. Topics range from beauty tips to baking pumpkin pie, how to decorate a Christmas tree, life skills, getting the most from an iPhone 7, and many more.

They’re looking for people who have written articles or created videos for online or offline beauty publications.

The site claims 18M fans, so your videos could get a lot of eyeballs, too. To go straight to the job, click here. To see Darby Smart’s site, click here.

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