Did Your Gmail Tell You We May Be Trying To Steal Your Info?

by Chris Durst     Jan. 25, 2018

So, if you subscribe to our email updates and have them delivered to a Gmail account, you may have seen a message like this above our email to you this morning:

Well, as it turns out Gmail doesn’t like it when you use the words “MYSTERY SHOPPING” and when you do, it flags those emails with the aforementioned message.

Now, there are a ton of mystery shopping scams and many of them do involve attempts to get at your personal information.

We can certainly understand that Google wants to do their part to help protect their users from those scams.

Unfortunately, this time they are trying to save you from the people who are trying to save you from scams (that’s us)!

That said, the mystery shopping companies we listed in the email are legitimate and we are NOT trying to steal your personal information. Never have, never will.

Along with the “warning” they also rendered the links unclickable. You will need to click the link in their message to indicate that you trust the source (us) in order to make the links clickable.

I hope that helps to alleviate any concerns that warning message may have created.

We are still here, we are still honest, and we still have your back!


Rebelliously yours,

Chris & Mike


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