“We Got Hired!” Congratulations to RRR Jobfinders!

By Mike Haaren — March 14, 2017

Work from Home Jobs – “We Got Hired!”

Congratulations to everyone who has found work from home jobs and gigs at RRR over the past few months and posted to our FB page. (Excerpted below.) There have been many posts, so this is just a sampling. Our apologies if your post wasn’t included. Well done to all! Enjoy your new jobs and side gigs!

Cassie Campbell — I just got my new equipment today to start at Conduent next week. I’m so excited and thank you so much for your post which lead to me getting hired!

Kimberly Guimond — Woo Hoo! I was accepted to transcribe through Rev a week ago and now I passed the beginner level and have a real legitimate job from home! Thank you so much #RatRaceRebellion!

Monique Brown — Thanks to your site, I was hired with American Express! Thank you for posting the information.

Douglas Beliakoff — YOU GUYS ROCK! I’m in the process of interviewing with Concentrix, thanks to you, and have enjoyed the process so far. Thanks for all you do! I will have also been with Appen 3 years now this May THANKS to you!

Sandra Watts — I got the job [as a Theatre Checker] at Market Force. Did my first job and yes I got paid! Thanks for referral!

Brandi Tyson Jenkins — Thank y’all for all you do! Between information I read from your website along with another website, I’ve applied and been hired by Concentrix. Waiting for my computer to be delivered as we speak and I start work tomorrow. I’m so excited to finally be working from home again! Thank you RRR!!!!

Bagley Shay — I was hired [as a Market Research Interviewer at MaritzCX] and start training on Wednesday.

Crystal Jones — Got an offer for this position [Chat Agent at KellyConnect] yesterday.

Queen Wiggins Claude — I just wanted to thank you guys, I’ve actually gotten 6 job offers and taken 2! Thank you so mucccccchhhhh!!!!feeling blessed.

Lori Fields — I got this job [Chat Agent at KellyConnect] back in October when you guys first posted it. Still there, pretty cool job.

M. Berk — Just want to say thank u for finding me a great job! I just got hired at Hilton. I’ll be taking calls for Hilton work from home.

Kia Cowan — I just got an offer letter from Xerox thanks to your resources.

Shamia Phillips — I Just wanted to thank you for posting the Humana CSR WAH position. I was hired on 12/12/16 and I love it so much. I am definitely blessed by this opportunity. Thank you for all you do!!!

Rodney Guy — I start Enterprise on January 9th. I can’t wait to stop driving 30 minutes to work 5 days a week.

Wanda LaMae Choclat Cherry — i start training [with Hilton] jan 17th!

Angela Gilbert Edwards — I got hired with Hilton too. I have orientation today! Thanks so much Rat Race Rebellion!

Callie Seabron — I got hired with VIPdesk Connect starting jan 13.

Katrina Davis — I got hired for both Clara Labs and ZeroChaos!!!! Yaaaay Me!!!!!

Melanie Lowden-Cameron — I start training [with Hilton] on the 3rd also…

Shawnda Dawes — I started with LiveOps on DEC 12th.

CAntoinette Hobson — I got hired with Alorica and it’s going well.

Likisha Rodriguez — I also got hired with Hilton!!?

Tess Brown — I got hired for Concentrix!! I start tomorrow! Yaay me!

Robin Zarring — I was hired back in August with U-Haul and just today was hired with KellyConnect. Both great positions. Thanks Rat Race Rebellion for all your hard work and postings.

Vanessa Bryant — I got hired!!!! Thank you so much. Hilton here I come.

Dina Ramirez — Just got hired for U-Haul!

Charnelle G. Ravizee — I got hired!!!!! Concentrix and MaritzCX!!! Thanks to your daily posts!!!

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