Got Junk Mail? Turn it into Extra Cash!

Got Junk Mail? Turn it into Extra Cash!

by Chris Durst           Feb. 1, 2017

When companies pay to have marketing pieces sent out via bulk mail, they want to make sure the mail is sent out when it was supposed to be and that it arrives in good condition.

Enter the MAIL DECOY!

A mail decoy agrees to be included on certain mailing lists and then, when they receive the expected pieces, they mark the date on each piece and enter it in the website. Decoys are usually asked to either scan/record receipt or to save the mailings for a specific period of time and may occasionally be asked to forward certain items to the company.

No, it’s NOT A SCAM. (If you check with your local post office, they may not be aware of these services because they are in place to monitor service provided by the post office.) The three companies listed below are legit and we know of people who are decoys for each of them.

Here are three companies you can sign up/apply with:

This one is run by IBM. They have been contracted by the USPS to measure how they perform.

If you qualify to participate, you will be sent a handheld scanner that plugs directly into your personal computer. You will use this scanner to scan certain barcodes on the mail which you want to report onto their website.

For compensation, you will accrue points each month which can be redeemed at retailers across the nation via the Corporate Rewards Program. We heard from one woman who has been with them for a while and she has cashed in for $350 in gifts over time. Others elected to get paid in postage stamps and report $5 – $10/month.

US Monitor
This company pays $10/month, plus .25 cents per mail item processed. They do insist that mail be processed on the day it’s received.

I like this one because even though you aren’t guaranteed to receive mail, you’ll still get the $10 a month!

The Hauser Group
Pay is only about .10 cents per item received and logged and they pay three times annually. That’s a long wait in between payments but, at .10 cents per item, it takes a while to build up enough to make sending a check worth the cost. 🙂

They have openings in limited areas, so you’ll need to check to see if they need anyone in your zip code area.

You won’t get rich being a mail decoy but, if you’re going to receive junk mail you may as well get paid for it!

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