Help – I Have Little /No Job Experience!

Help - I Have Little /No Job Experience and I Want to Work from Home!

by Chris Durst     Feb. 7, 2017

It’s the age old question, “How am I supposed to get job experience if every job requires that I have experience?”

We know… it’s just so damned frustrating!

Well, depending on the type of work you are looking for, and the kind of experience you are hoping to gain, there are some solutions!

GIG YOUR WAY TO EXPERIENCE (and make it look fabulous on your resume!)
As a gig-worker, you are an independent contractor who performs tasks for one or many different companies or individuals – each of which can build your resume.

For example, let’s say you are a Website Reviewer. On the surface, you may not think these 15-20 minute gigs belong on your resume or enhance your hireability.

Look deeper and really do an inventory of what the task involves, and your resume might include:

Userlytics – Contractor Position
Assessed websites, prototypes, advertisements, videos and other types of material from small start-up companies to large corporations and provided candid feedback to those companies.

Or, if you drive for Uber:

Uber – Contractor Position

  • Ability to relate to demanding needs of customer while remaining calm, focused and professional
  • Responsible for all record keeping, accounting, and correspondence
  • Maintained records and required documentation for operating in compliance with all agreements

You see? Just because you might over-simplify what you do doesn’t mean it’s simple!

There are many “gig” opportunities that you can get paid for now while you are building your experience for later! Look at the our BIG LIST for more “gig work” – sort the list by “Job Type” and scroll down the right column for “Extra Cash” and “On Demand” listings to get started.

VOLUNTEER (you can be a work from home volunteer)
I know, I know. You need money, so how does volunteering help?

First, remember, you won’t be volunteering as a career, you’ll be volunteering as a step in the path toward your career.

Volunteering can provide you with exactly the kinds of skills you need to land a paying job doing what you really want to do. Hiring managers take work experience as a volunteer seriously, so don’t discount the value of volunteering as a step in your career path. is one of the best sites we’ve found for virtual volunteer positions. I created a video tutorial about how to use their site to find work from home jobs. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the video, but START by clicking the “VOLUNTEER” link at the top of the page rather than the Jobs link.

Another good resource is and they conveniently broken out the virtual volunteer opportunities – just click on the “Virtual” tab in the middle of the home page.

INTERN (again, virtual options are available, and some internships are paid)
As with volunteering, internships can provide you with the practical experience employers are looking for. has some great internship opportunities posted, as does Looksharp. is more student-focused, but worth taking a look at.

Consider taking true entry level jobs that will pay less as a means of building the experience you will need to land the higher paying positions.

For example, there are many transcriber jobs that don’t require experience. When compared to jobs that require experience the pay may not be anything to write home about, but it IS pay and it IS experience.

We have featured many no experience necessary jobs and gigs, so be sure to use the SEARCH box on this page to find those articles. Just enter the word beginners or no experience for dozens of posts and ideas!

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