Make Up to $16/Hr. as a P/T Assistant at Time etc

By Mike Haaren – Rat Race Rebellion Co-Founder – Nov. 2, 2018

Work from Home Jobs – Various Assistants – Work from Anywhere in US

Time etc continues to recruit folks to be part-time General Virtual Assistants, Marketing and Social Media Assistants, Writing Assistants, and Customer Service or Telesales Assistants. Work from anywhere in the US.

Several RRRebels have told us they were hired there. Pay starts at $11/hr. and reportedly can go up to $16. If you have a background in any of these areas, you may want to check them out. (Note that each job at Time etc comes with a general administrative support component, so you’ll need to be able to provide that, too.)

— Personal assistant, admin assistant, or executive assistant
— Marketing or social media
— Writing or blogging
— Telesales or customer service

Sir Richard Branson’s former personal assistant, Penni Pike, created Time etc in 2007 and heads their VA team. Employee reviews on Glassdoor average in the four stars out of five (multiple sets of reviews).

Here’s more about the job in their words:

Some of the typical tasks you might do
General administration
Document work including formatting and typing
Travel arrangements
Schedule management
Arranging meetings and appointments
Making telephone calls
Sorting expenses
Social media
Content writing

Things you’ll need
A PC or Mac
Microsoft office
An internet connection
Professional Liability Insurance

What we’ll need from you
Availability during the working week (Mon-Fri)
Available for at least a year
Ideally able to work at least five hours per week
At least 5 years relevant experience
Previous or current experience working from home on a freelance or flexible basis
Good English skills
Good organizational skills
A reasonable home office set up / quiet area to work

(But to avoid disappointment, the company asks that you not apply if one of the following fits your situation: you’re currently working in an office job, you need a minimum amount of work, you want to replace an existing job, you want evening work and can’t work during regular business hours, or you have less than five years of relevant experience.)

Like most Virtual Assistant companies, Time etc hires Assistants as independent contractors, aka freelancers, rather than employees. For more detail on the jobs, click here. (But please don’t call the company — If you have a question, just click here.) For more jobs like these, check our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. May you be working from home soon!

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