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by Chris Durst      Updated Oct. 5, 2019

Crowdsourcing is based on the idea that involving many people to generate ideas, opinions, information, and work can lead to better and more insightful results.

Many companies are actively using the internet and other technology to work with people from across the country or around the world. In addition to saving time and money, crowdsourcing gives these companies a more diverse worker base.

Following is a list of just some of the sites where you can find crowdworker jobs and gigs. Some pay very little per task, others pay quite well. Keep in mind as you consider your options that some of the lower-paying jobs will be quick to complete. So the pay can add up if you can work through them speedily. Amazon Mechanical Turk, for example, has some “HITs” (Human Intelligence Tasks) that pay just a few pennies. But we know of people who consistently make a good side income with them.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – US and International
Wide variety of tasks

Appen – US and International
Ad Raters, Transcription, Translation and Micro Tasks

Clickworker – US and International
Data categorization, Copy editing, Text creation, Proofreading, Web research, Surveys, App testing, and other types

Figure Eight
Categorize social media, Moderate content, Transcription, and other types

Lionbridge – US and International
Helping to improve the quality of internet service, Transaction processing, Mapping services, and other types

Microworkers – US and International
Research, Surveys, Translation, Transcription, Rate landing pages, and other types

RapidWorkers – US and International
Wide variety of tasks

ySense (formerly ClixSense) – US and International
Surveys, Offers, MicroTasks, Referrals

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