Micro-Tasks That Pay $3-$12 Each – Cash

By Mike Haaren – June 9, 2016

Some mini-tasks are useful in a pinch but don’t pay much. Here are some options that pay $3-$12 each and sometimes more.

Field Agent – Field Agent is an app that gives you micro-jobs such as consumer surveys or checking a price in a store. “Jobs typically pay between $3 and $12 each. Get paid via PayPal or Dwolla.” Click here for details.

PineCone Research – PineCone has been around for years and is a top pick among survey takers. Pays $3 per survey. “Surveys typically take 15-20 minutes.” Choose payment by PayPal or check. Details here.

Gigwalk – Gigwalk is an app that offers “gigs” based on your location. “Gigs can pay from $3 to $100.” A gig could be checking on the display of a product in a store, or reporting on a marketing event. Payment by PayPal. Details here.

InboxDollars – The easiest way to earn $5 at InboxDollars is to sign up and get the $5 signup bonus. Surveys generally pay small amounts but you can get more for signing up for trial offers. For example, $10 for Stamps.com, or $3 for Amazon Prime Video. (If you don’t cancel before the trial is over, of course, you’ll be billed for the membership.) Details here.

Swagbucks – Swagbucks also pays a $5 signup bonus and pays for trial offer signups. For example, earn $10 signing up for a 30-day Netflix trial. (They’ve paid out over $133M to members.) Cash out via PayPal or Visa. Details here.

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