Moving Backward to Move Forward – Why Telework is Great for Families and Communities

By Chris Durst

Not so very long ago, nearly everyone worked from their homes – farmers, sawyers, seamstresses, morticians, merchants… even post offices and telephone switchboards were in someone’s front parlor.

With the dawn of the assembly line and the automobile, people migrated out of their homes and their towns during the day. Leaving their families, their communities, and, with car commutes, a stream of pollution behind them.

“Home is where the heart is,” had become, “Home is where your bed is.”

Communities became ghost towns by day, and unbearable traffic on weekends. Stress grew deeper. Commutes grew longer. Work hours lengthened. Neighborhoods grew un-neighborly. Parents grew time-starved. Children grew parent-starved.

In a nutshell, there was a lot of growth – not much of it positive or healthy.

The Rat Race Rebellion is not just a company or a website, it’s a movement that encourages people to take a cue from their ancestors and, when possible, work from home. The benefits are endless…

  • Parents will know their children again, and vice versa.
  • Neighbors will get to know the people who live next door.
  • Less time in traffic, could mean more time for volunteering and community involvement.
  • Commuter traffic will thin.
  • Stress-related health issues will lessen.
  • Workers will save on gas, tolls, auto repairs, parking, meals out, dry cleaning, child care, and other work-related expenses.
  • Less money spent, means more expendable income – money that, when spent, will boost the economy.
  • Less pollution, use less gas, and lessen the need for highway expansions.

One step backward, can be a giant leap forward for our families, our neighborhoods, our nation, and our world.


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