Rat Race Rebels™ Review: American Express — Virtual Customer Care Professionals

By Mike Haaren

Feb. 27, 2016

[Update, March 8, 2016 – American Express has removed their job listing for now. They’ll probably post it again in a few weeks. We’ll post an alert on our Daily Jobs page when it goes live again. – MH]

Every month or so, American Express (AmEx) recruits full-time — and less often, part-time — work from home Customer Care Professionals. You’ll handle inbound calls from small-business-owner cardmembers. As I write, they’re recruiting for full-time.

Hiring States
For this position, AmEx hires from 47 states and Washington, DC, and not from AK, HI or CA. (Probably for tax reasons, CA is excluded from many — but not all, as you may sometimes hear — WAH customer-service jobs. For customer-service jobs that do include CA, as well as AK and HI, see our Call Center and Customer Service Jobs page.)

Salary and Benefits
This is a very popular work from home position — if you’re interested, you should apply as soon as you see it. Why? Because the salary averages about $38,000 — much more than most virtual customer-service jobs — and benefits include comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans, tuition reimbursement, and retirement programs. The “Blue Box” (a nickname for the company based on its blue-box logo) also has a strong employer rep overall.

Schedule Requirements
The schedules for full-timers won’t fit everyone’s needs, and you’ll need flexibility. It’s a 40-hour week, with a fixed schedule, but you have to be able to work between 6AM and 1AM (EST) any day of the week, and weekend shifts are required. That’s not unusual in customer-care jobs, but for moms with young children, for example, or people with eldercare responsibilities, it’s an important consideration.

Tips from Our Facebook Members
Educational requirements include a high school diploma or GED, with a bachelor’s preferred. As you might guess, you’ll need customer service experience, and you’ll have an edge if you’ve also worked from home before, or virtually in general. You’ll also have to pass a background check, as so many employers now require. Some of our Facebook members have landed these jobs, and they talk about it in the thread here.

Additional Prep
For additional readiness, you might want to check this Cosmo interview with Oriana Vogel, AmEx VP of Global Talent Acquisition. It’s a little dated now, but still gives useful insights into the company’s hiring process. AmEx also has videos of Customer Care Professionals talking about their job (text continues after the vids):


Apply for the Job
For more detail and to apply for the job, click here. [Dead link removed. Stay tuned on our Daily Jobs page for the reopening of the job. – MH] AmEx also has 600+ other virtual jobs open now, in various roles and locations in the US and internationally. For future openings for Virtual Customer Care Professionals, you can also bookmark that last page and check it often.

If you apply and get hired, please consider sharing your experience on our Facebook page. Everyone will appreciate your feedback, and we thank you in advance! Good luck in your job search!

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