Smartphone Side Hustles – Make $500/Month With These Simple Smartphone Apps

by Chris Durst       Updated Aug. 17, 2018

Like your smartphone? Like money? Well, hey now… this post is for you!

If you’re looking for a convenient way to make money on the side, you’ll want to check out these “smartphone side hustle” apps! (Our list also includes some screened affiliate links, which help us keep the computers running. Rest assured, we wouldn’t post them if we hadn’t checked them out. Thanks!)

Field Agent
Field Agent tasks usually pay $1-$12 each, says the company. A typical job might be going to a local store, taking a pic of a product, and answering questions about its price or placement. The app also offers paid consumer surveys. Payment is by direct deposit or Dwolla.

Opinion Outpost
Answer simple questions for extra cash. Pays cash via PayPal or (if you prefer) in Amazon and other gift cards. Also enters you in cash giveaways.

Up to $20 welcome bonus. Get cash rewards for purchases at Walmart, Food Lion, Costco, CVS and hundreds more. Free. Cash via PayPal, Venmo, or gift card (your preference). Food Assistance Program purchases also eligible. (The link is RRR’s affiliate link, and we’ll receive a small commission if you use it. Helps us keep the computers on. Thank you!)

The gigs for “Gigwalkers” pay $3 to $100, says Gigwalk. From user reviews it looks like most gigs range from $4-$20, though that may depend on your location. A gig could be taking a product pic at a local store, or making sure that a marketing event is done on time. We didn’t see any recent mentions of $100 gigs (though that doesn’t mean they aren’t available). Payment is by PayPal.

Another legitimate survey option. Pays cash via Paypal or (if you prefer) in gift cards for Amazon, Walmart and other leading brands.

The Swagbucks mobile app has many ways to make money, including surveys on products and businesses.

They pay in Swagbucks, generally 100 = $1, which you can convert into PayPal cash or gift cards. The easiest way to make money is probably by referring friends and getting a 10% commission on what they earn (for life). You can also earn points by using their search engine — currently, it’s Yahoo doing the actual searches in the background — and by adding their “SwagButton” to your browser. The button tells you how much cash back you’ll get when you buy something online from Walmart (right now, 5%), Groupon (7%) or other sites you land on. There are thousands, the company says.

Swagbucks also gives promos and other quick ways to grab extra Swagbucks during the day. (For example, earn 1500 Swagbucks for posting a Swagbucks reference and link on Twitter.)

Like other online rewards programs, Swagbucks won’t produce a big income, but is a way to get some money for extras or to help make ends meet.

Like Gigwalk and Field Agent, gigs may involve “audits” (checking an item in a store), scavenger hunts (finding a specific product in a local store), or taking a photo of a storefront. Users report gigs averaging $2-$5 with time commitments of 10-20 minutes, though again this will depend on location. And as with Gigwalk and Field Agent, you’ll want to maximize your return by already being out of the house when you take a gig. Payment by PayPal.

“For each mobile device you register you will receive up to $50 a year,” the company says. For consumer trend data, the TV and radio ratings company will pay you to install an undetectable app on your smartphone, computer or tablet. The app follows your web use. Your name is separated from the data, and devices run as usual. User IDs and passwords are not collected, the company adds.

Surveys on the Go
Get paid for taking surveys on your smartphone. You can cash out once your account reaches at least $10. Payment via PayPal.

Inbox Dollars$5 Sign-Up Bonus!
InboxDollars members can now earn cash with the official InboxDollars mobile app. New members can sign up for InboxDollars through our app and join a group of members who are already earning cash rewards for doing what they love!

In the current version of InboxDollars mobile app, members can earn cash for:

  • Discovering new offers from our great partners
  • Searching the web
  • Reading email
  • Taking surveys
  • Downloading apps
  • Purchasing Groupons

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