Taste Testers Wanted for At-Home and On-Site Testing

Taste Testers Wanted for At-Home and On-Site Testing

by Chris Durst     Aug. 10, 2016

Calling all Foodies! Get paid to taste food!

Most of us have heard about “food testers” at some point in time and wondered how someone gets such an awesome job.

Well, following are some opportunities for you to join the rank and file of people who taste food and beverages and give companies their opinion of their products.

These are NOT full-time positions, and some may require you to do your tasting on-site while others will be in your home.

Dig into the following websites, pick any and all that appeal to you, and register!

Focus & Testing
Based out of Los Angeles, Focus & Testing is one of the leading taste test centers in the United States specializing in food and beverage research.

To register, select your metro area, Los Angeles, Columbus, OH, or “Other”. You will be taken to another screen, which will ask you general information to join as a research participant and taste tester.

L&E Opinions
L&E Research is a nationally known marketing research firm that has been conducting marketing research for more than 20 years.

They use testers for all kinds of products, so register and keep your eye out for the taste testing gigs!

If you look in your spice cabinet, you will likely see the McCormick label. As a McCormick consumer taste tester, you may be asked to sample a range of foods, snacks and beverages—during tasting sessions in the day or the evening—at their Hunt Valley, Maryland, location or from your home. You’ll be paid, of course. How much depends on the type and duration of the taste test, and you can participate up to four times per year.

The Taste of Solae
This one is all about soy! Solae uses taster input to improve the taste and quality of soy-based products for consumers. Solaes taste panels have helped drive soy innovations in frozen desserts, vegetarian meals and even beef jerky.

Pay is in the form of gift cards.

Testing is done on-site at the DuPont Nutrition site in St. Louis, MO.

Northland Sensory Insights
“Our food surveys are conducted in Northbrook, IL testing fun food products.  And best of all, we pay you for your time (amount varies per study)!”

Contract Testing, Inc.
When you test with us, depending on the product, you will be asked to taste, touch, smell and/or look at products and answer questions about them. Sometimes you are asked to take products and try them at home but, for the most part, testing is done at one of our field sites, conveniently located in your area. Most tests are done on a computer.

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