Tough Interview Question 3: How do you handle stress?

by Chris Durst    Jan. 7, 2020

Interviewers want to know that they’re hiring people with great coping skills when the going gets tough.

So, how do you answer this question in a way that will impress your interviewer?

Here are a few ideas:

“On the job, I react to situations rather than stress. My philosophy is, the only way to get past the stress is to handle the task at hand so I can move forward.”

“I size up the situation to get a clear sense of what needs to be done and, if necessary, I re-prioritize my responsibilities to effectively manage the issue.”

“Fortunately, I do some of my best work under pressure. It’s an organic part of working in a dynamic environment and I find it more invigorating then anything.”

“I have a well-balanced personal life, part of which includes regular workouts. I’ve found that what I do outside of the workplace has really helped me stay calm and balanced when I’m faced with stressful situations at work.”

A good answer will be truthful while showcasing your exceptional or unique coping abilities!

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