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UPDATE – Data Entry Opportunities with Sigtrack – Windows 10 PRO NOT REQUIRED and Other Updates

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by Chris Durst     Feb. 3, 2020



Following our post on Friday announcing 9,000+ Data Entry openings with Sigtrack, there were some questions about the technical requirements. We were in touch with the company over the weekend and have some updates that will help many who didn’t think they were qualified to clear their requirements. 

See the highlighted text below for updated information and answers to questions that were popping up on our Facebook page:


The Company:   Sigtrack

The Opportunity:   IMMEDIATE NEED FOR 9,000+ of WORK FROM HOME DATA ENTRY contractors.

Type of Work:   Independent contractor, non-employee

Hours:   Set your own – full-time, part-time, day, evening, weekends –  make your own schedule

Geographical Limitations:  You must be a US RESIDENT to do this job, but may not reside in California or Massachusetts.

Work Involves: You’d be checking and processing petition signatures and voter registration forms for various campaigns in the US.

Compensation: Per the company, “If the base value of a day’s work is $120, you’ll earn the following: $108 with 99% accuracy, $96 with 98% accuracy, $84 with 96% accuracy,” etc. Pay is weekly. [For pay, according to RRRebel Sheena B., “I did it for quite some time. When there’s a lot of jobs available (like now) it actually pays really good.” But it takes time to get up to speed and be accurate, so initially you won’t make as much.]

Advancement Opportunities: Per our contact in the company, “If your accuracy is consistently 98% or better and keep your productivity high, you automatically qualify for a peer review role with even greater earning potential.”


The previous “Windows 10 Pro” requirement has been amended and you may now apply if you are using any version of Windows 10 or Windows 7 SP1.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, or MacOS 10.13 or higher
  • Windows 7 SP1 usually works (Yes, we are aware that Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and encourage all RRRebels to update to Win10 as soon as feasible.)
  • high speed internet

Following are some details from the company:


  • By various election laws, you must be a U.S. resident to do this work. (Not currently contracting with residents of CA and MA.)
  • You must have a PayPal account.  [The company will pay you via PayPal, therefore you must have a PayPal account.]
  • A dual monitor setup or 4k monitor is HIGHLY recommended. [ Dual monitors are RECOMMENDED, but not required. The company makes this recommendation as it will have a direct impact on your ability to work effectively and, as a result, your ability to increase your income per hour. Please note, if you do not have a second monitor, a tablet such as an iPad can be used as a second monitor.]

How To Sign Up:

  • Take a 3-second video of your drivers license or state ID next to your face. Let the camera focus on the text of your ID, because we need to be able to read it if ever audited. Email the video to Sigtrack. [The video is required so that the company can (1) verify your US residency and (2) can file the video for proof of residency should an audit ever be required. Remember, this work involves accessing voter registration records, making US residency is an important and provable criteria.]

Click here for full details and to apply. For more information on pay, click here. For more jobs like these, check our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. To be the first to hear about jobs like these, like our Facebook page. Good luck in your next steps toward working from home!

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