Test Video Game & Software – Worldwide

by Chris Durst        May 16, 2018

When companies are preparing to release a new video game or software product, the final check is to have real users test the item for bugs and glitches.

ErliBird helps match companies with beta testers of all kinds. Whether you have NO TECHNICAL EXPERTISE or you’re a technical whiz, you’ll likely qualify for certain tests. Remember, many games, apps and software are developed for the technically-challenged! 😉

The registration process is simple – you can even sign up using your Facebook account.

You’ll be asked some general questions that will help them determine which tests you’re a good fit for, including the types of devices you have available to you (Android phone, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.), your age, gender, technical experience (from below average to expert), education, household income range, and other relevant details.

Again, don’t be alarmed by the questions. Companies that test products want to make sure the people conducting the tests accurately represent the demographic(s) they’ll be marketing to.

IMPORTANT: You will have to wait to be invited to participate in a focus group/test group. When you do get an invitation WOW THEM with your feedback and you’ll be more likely to get invited to participate in future test groups.

In other words, make yourself a valuable asset! Pay is about $10 per product tested, so you’ll want to get as many tests as you can to build your income.

Click here to visit their site. Click on the “JOIN AS BETA TESTER” link in the upper right corner of the page to sign up. For more jobs like these, see our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. To be the first to hear about jobs like these, like our Facebook page. Good luck in your next work from home steps!

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