“We Got Hired!” Congratulations to 30+ RRR Jobfinders!

By Mike Haaren – Oct. 3, 2016

Congrats to our 30+ Facebook members who recently found work from home jobs via RRR. Here are excerpts from their “I got hired!” posts. For more — and tips on how they did it — come join us on our Facebook page. Well done, everyone!

Lisa Grimm Smith‎ — I’ve been following your page for over a year now and just completed the background check for American Express and can happily report I GOT HIRED and start training next month!!! Your page has been the biggest help to me, I cannot express how incredibly thankful I am for your many, many job posts!

Qumi Lynn Wood‎ — I GOT HIRED!!!. Thanks to this site… I got hired for Xerox… Starting 10/3/16.

Kate Burks‎ — Got hired as a Hilton Honors customer care and also with Disney for a Guest Representative.

Mss Tee Hall — I start my work from home position with Amazon on Sunday!!! Thanks guys!!! <3 <3

Nicole Jinks — I got hired [at Amazon]!!

Debra Melton — MY  DAUGHTER GOT HIRED [at American Express]!!!! I forwarded my oldest daughter the American Express that posted back on August 3rd for a Part Time Virtual Customer Care that posted @ $15.73 per hour. She was hired at $17.33 per hour… Thank you Chris!…This site is truly a blessing!

Tieast Smith — I’ve been working for Hallmark as an Installer since June (which I got from your link). I love it and get to work with the Merchandisers as well.

‎Irene Nicole Collins‎ — I was officially hired today by Hyatt for remote home agent guest services. I applied on 9-5. Super excited. Thank you!

Carilon Hamilton Boone — I applied [at ZeroChaos] August 9 and started 9/29.

Raychelle Wallace — I was also recently hired by ZeroChaos last week.

Tolori Freeman‎ — I am so grateful to you RatRaceRebellion for providing the best legitimate work from home listings! I applied on a Wednesday, had an interview that Friday, and a follow up interview the next Friday. Needless to say, I got hired!!!

Brittney Palmer‎ — Thank you! I got hired from 2 companies: ZeroChaos and Amazon Reserve Program!

Shelia Cain‎ — Thank you Rat Race Rebellion Team for all you do and do so well…With excitement I have recently been hired to work for Hilton…. I start next week. (y) 😀

Lynn Matthews‎ — I just want to say that, I really appreciate you both for this site. I always wanted a work @ home position for years and it never happened for me. I had made up my mind that all work @ home position was just a scam. Well, this site gave me hope. All the opportunities you both posted really made me change my mind. And guess what I GOT HIRED! @ TeleTech

Harley Bailey‎ — I’m writing to say thank you for posting wonderful job leads. I would like to say thank you for posting about TeleTech… I start training on Oct 3rd. I’m so excited. 😀 keep up all the good work.

‎Shannon Rivera‎ — I just got my start date yesterday for ZeroChaos! I got hired on as an Ads Quality Rater 😀 You rock!

Kymm Cuddie‎ — Thanks to this page I got not one.. Not two.. But THREE job offers. This page is God sent THANK YOU so much!!! I truly appreciate everything you two from the bottom of my heart

‎‎Shawn Rodgers‎ — I got hired ! I just received word I was hired working for Academy Sports and Outdoors at home for the holiday season. Thank you so much!

‎Misty Willard Link‎ — Hi RRR…I got hired at Alorica through one of your recent post and immediately got positioned as a part-time Macy’s customer service agent… I start the PAID training on Oct 3rd. Thank you for your great services!!

Marina Ann‎ — Thank You so much Rat Race Rebellion! I am now working with Lionbridge!

‎‎Erica Andrew Serroka‎ — Thank you so much rat race rebellion! I got hired at Maritz and start training next month. I also am waiting to hear from Hilton on my interview as well!. Thank you for your help with making my family stronger!

Jennifer Kaufmann Nealis — Congrats! Everyone with Hilton, I start next week too!

Tonia White — I start with Amazon today as well :):)

Hope Misner — I start [at ZeroChaos] on Oct. 10.

Swain Krista — I start [at ZeroChaos] the 10th too I’m so excited.

Jeffery Thibodeaux — I start [at ZeroChaos] 10/5/16

LaToya Gay — My husband just got hired with Hilton as well! Starts on Oct 3rd.

Bagley Shay‎ — I was hired by ZeroChaos as an Ad Quality Rater! You guys are the best!

AsiaMzcaramel Wilder‎ — I got hired with Hilton as an at home Reservation Sales Agent…. Start training Oct 3rd. Thank you guys for posting this great opportunity.

Deidra Jean Lambdin‎ — I got hired through Amazon for seasonal Customer Service! …I start training Oct. 16th! Wish me luck guys! <3 😀

Shannon Hill-Costa — I got hired at Amazon and UHaul!!!! Thank you!

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