“We Got Hired!” Congratulations to the Latest RRR Jobfinders!

By Mike Haaren — Nov. 3, 2016

Work from Home Jobs – “We Got Hired!”

Congratulations to the folks below who recently found work from home jobs at RRR and posted to our FB page. (Excerpted here.) There were many posts, so my apologies if I left anyone out! Well done, everyone! Good luck in your new jobs!

‎Sharon N Craig Abbott‎ — I just got hired at Hilton. It took a few weeks to hear anything but I just had a 2nd interview & got hired on the spot…Thank you.

Trey Michael Washington‎ — I’ve been working for Amazon part-time and just got hired full-time working for Hyatt as a Reservation Specialist. These work from home jobs came right on time thanks to you guys, much love to your site!!

Dante Beck — I passed all of my assessments [at Concentrix] and have been informed I will be receiving an offer in the next 24-48 hours… Thank you Rat Race Rebellion!

Natasha Conklin — I got accepted [at LiveOps]! Just need to do the background check and sign my contractor papers! Thanks RRR!

Amanda Estill — I got contracted for this position [at LiveOps]. Thank you RRR.

Amber Cole — I got hired with NexRep for GrubHub!!

Cindy Murray — I received a contract [from VIPKID] moments ago… Looking forward to teaching online! Thank you!

Carla Elicker‎ — Thanks to this site I was hired on as an Amazon CSA from home! Loving it so far!

Mandy Mash Hamon‎ — I got notified today that I was accepted for a crowd sourcing position with Appen beginning 11/7! Thank you for all you do to help find LEGITIMATE work from home jobs, you are the ONLY site I trust!

Roxye Cash‎ — Finally got a contract offer with Appen! And I have Rat Race Rebellion to thank for listing this job!

‎Tonya Brown‎ — I got hired to work with U-Haul and started orientation today! Thanks Rat Race Rebellion for providing the information needed to work from home! ?

Drako Author‎ — Just got offered a job from CenturyLink. Thanks for the info guys. I start in December.

Diana Tartness — I have already been hired by 3 companies this week — and I just got two more offers today….Thank you, this website has helped so many people find jobs and careers. I will continue to spread the word and thanks for providing Real work from home job leads!!!!!

Shakeyla ChangingtheGame Patha‎ — I just want to thank you Chris & Mike from the bottom of my heart for creating Rat Race Rebellion. I just got hired for LiveOps, I start on Monday….

‎Zetta Nganga‎ — Thank you Chris and Mike for maintaining this Amazing website. It has really Blessed thousands of people over the years, including myself. I was just offered two jobs today, as a result of your website. One offer is from NexRep, and the other offer is from LiveOps. Both of them are currently hiring. I look forward to starting training with them real soon. #Onward #Blessings 🙂

‎Tarah Neubauer-Miller‎ — Got hired by Convergys today. Thank you so much Rat Race Rebellion.

Rachel Dyer‎ — I got hired! I’m with NexRep for the GrubHub/Seamless campaign. AND Neal Gross for legal transcription. Thanks so much, RRR!

‎Shane Christenson‎ — I’ve been hired as a work at home support agent for Concentrix, working with Apple products. I start November 2nd. I’m so pumped and excited about this new job. Thanks, RRR.

‎Lorne B. Albert‎ — Got an invite for an interview with Liftopia [and to go further in the interview process with Crossover], but I’ve already signed on [to work from home] with Nordstrom… Your website has been such a huge help to me.

‎‎Jillian Jenkins‎ — THANK YOU!!! I saw your post about U-Haul hiring Center Sales – Reservations Agents (Work from Home). I got hired and start on November 1!

Amy Robinson Gartner‎ — Applied for my first wah job at U-Haul and was offered the job! Yeah, I start training 11/1/16!… Thanks RRR for the lead!

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