“We Got Hired to Work from Home!” Kudos to the Latest RRR Jobfinders!

By Mike Haaren – Oct. 14, 2016

Work from Home Jobs – “We Got Hired!”

Congratulations to our 17 Facebook members who recently shared their “I Got Hired!” news on our page. I’ve excerpted their posts below. For more — and tips on how they did it — join us on our Facebook page. Well done, everyone!

Shelley Key Kimmel‎ — I GOT HIRED!!!!! Thank you guys SOOO MUCH!!! I begin my job with Hilton Worldwide THIS WEEK!!!!!! This is the second job I’ve gotten thru you guys and I recommend you to EVERYONE who tells me they are looking for legitimate work from home jobs! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Andrade — I just wanted to say thank you SO much for having this wonderful service! I found Time etc through your site and was officially hired today!<3

Renee Hilden — I just got accepted and cleared to start [as an Amazon Flex driver] too!! Yay!! Thank you Mike and Chris!!

Julia Legan-Bouvier — I start Monday [with Appen] as well.

Ashton Leedy — Going through [Pleio GoodStarter] training now! Super excited!

Shannon Caskin‎ — I GOT HIRED!!! Just accepted a job offer with KellyConnect for the Apple project! Thank you!!

Teresia Garrett‎ — I just want to Thank Chris and Mike for their dedication in helping people find Work at Home Jobs, for their hard work I got hired at Enterprise Holdings and start training 10/24/16. Keep up the Great work…

Carrie Kerr Fuchs‎ — I have an official start date of 10/17 with ZeroChaos! Thank you Rat Race Rebellion.

Porsche Oden‎ — Thank You so much Chris & Mike. I got hired with Hilton as a part-time reservationist!! Thank you for posting, I really appreciate it.

‎Sarah Kirkman‎ — I wanted to thank you guys for helping me find a work-at-home job!!!… I have gotten a work-at-home job with LiveOps, and my account will be set up on the 28th and start my training on the 31st!!!! Now I can look forward to the day where I won’t have to babysit anymore!!! 🙂

Tyreena Davis‎ — I just got hired with Concentrix!! Thank you Rat Race Rebellion!!

Nekia Abel‎ — You offer the best and most extensive list for work from home jobs. Most importantly, just snagged another position with ZeroChaos. Thanks again.

Sharon Wade Evans‎ — Thanks Rat Race Rebellion, Yes… I got hired with Working Solutions!!! Applied last week and officially offered job offer today. Thanks, Rat Race, keep up the hard, much-appreciated work you all do.

Elana Presnell Carroll‎ — Thanks to RRR!! Was hired and just started for ABC Financial.

Crystal D Murphy‎ — Starting my second WAH job found from Rat Race! Just got hired with ZeroChaos! Thank you.

Kelley Giffen‎ — I got hired through your site @ ZeroChaos.

Lois N Kevin Earley‎ — I got hired at Hilton back in July. Thanks so much for all your posts about WAH jobs. What you do is invaluable.

PS — Finding a job is never a cakewalk. It’s almost always harder than it first appears. But you CAN shorten the search. For some ideas, see 5 Tips for Getting that Work from Home Job ASAP! For cover letter and resume ideas, see How to Make the Move from Waitressing to Work from Home Customer Service. We’ll be rooting for you!

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