Work from Home Jobs at Unilever Open Now

By Mike Haaren – Nov. 9, 2016

Work from Home Jobs Open at Unilever

If you’ve used Dove soap, or had Lipton tea, or eaten Hellmann’s mayonnaise or Knorr soups, you’re familiar with Unilever. On the work from home side, Unilever’s ongoing “agile working” policy reportedly permits everyone except factory workers to work anytime from any place as long as they get the work done.

Maybe because of its European roots (British-Dutch), Unilever seems to have an unusually strong commitment to work-life balance and opportunities for women, too (45% of its managers were women as of last year). This bodes well for its “work from anywhere” plans.

“Work from Home Built Into the Culture”

Employee reviews also mention work from home. For example, “WFH built into culture, unparalleled” and “Very focused on Agile working.” As a tradeoff, others note that if you work from home, you’ll be expected to be more productive because you won’t have travel time. Or that working from home will depend on your manager, although the company’s “agile working” policy will probably reduce that variable. (For comments, click here.)

Searching Unilever’s jobs database with keywords like remote, agile, and “flexibility to work from home” (with quotes) — and running the same searches on Google adding “+ Unilever” — turned up a variety of non-cubicle jobs. If you’re outside the US, you’ll find examples, too. For the company’s jobs database, click here.

Don’t Forget to Bookmark and Set Google Alerts!

As with any large employer, if you don’t find a job today that fits, be sure to bookmark the page and check back often. Also set Google alerts for your search terms, so you’ll know right away if your job appears. Given Unilever’s “agile work” policy, you may also want to consider seeking a job nearby, then “migrating” the job home as quickly as you can.

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