Work at Home Part-Time Schedulers Needed for Mystery Shoppers

By Mike Haaren – Co-Founder – Sept. 27, 2017

Work from Home Jobs – Part-Time Schedulers Needed for Mystery Shoppers – No State Hiring Restrictions Mentioned

Legitimate mystery shopping company A Closer Look (ACL) continues to advertise for part-time Schedulers. “We are ALWAYS hiring new schedulers and always in need of folks!” they wrote us earlier this year.

You’ll be contacting Shoppers or potential Shoppers by phone daily to schedule shops. You’ll also be responding to Shopper requests and inquiries.

Though things are a bit better now, the mystery shopping sector has been plagued with scams. However, ACL isn’t one of them. It’s an established outfit that’s been hiring Shoppers for years. Employee reviews on Glassdoor give ACL 4.4 stars out of 5. This is a very high rating; however, you should take into account that it’s based on only six reviews.

Requirements & Pay

For this job you’ll need to be a people person, and detail-oriented. Excellent phone and writing skills, and a good working knowledge of the net and social media are key, too. Schedulers also need to be available seven days a week. You’ll be working as an independent contractor rather than as an employee.

“Positions pay on a production/piecework scale,” ACL’s Account Manager Lea-Ann White has mentioned on the MysteryShopForum, a site devoted to mystery shopping. “Candidates must complete at least 1 shop for us before they can apply for a position.”

The MysteryShopForum, by the way, is also a great place to find out more about ACL’s assignments and mystery shopping generally — who’s hiring, what the “shops” are like, whether they are reimbursement only or fee + reimbursement, etc. To go there, just click here.

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