Work from Home Transcribing for Verbal Ink – “$10-$12/Hr.”

By Mike Haaren – Co-Founder – May 23, 2017

Work from Home Jobs – Transcriptionists – Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink Transcriptionists transcribe audio from a wide variety of clients. “We work with college students, writers and interviewers, mom and pop businesses, even multinational conglomerates and Ivy League universities,” the company says. But if you have a general knowledge of current events and American popular culture, you’ve got a start, so read on!

They are looking for people who:

  • can differentiate between the voices of several speakers
  • understand people who speak with heavy accents
  • can focus on voices when there is background noise
  • always finish assigned projects on time
  • understand the difference between  “there,” “their,” or “they’re” and have a solid feel for English grammar
  • are computer savvy

The company doesn’t specify experience, but it’s looking for “highly skilled linguists,” so you’ll need expertise going in. You’ll also have to take a test before you’re hired, and feedback says it’s tough. (For Transcriptionist jobs with no experience necessary, click here.) The company also hires remote foreign-language Transcriptionists, as well as Proofreaders, Copywriters, Editors and Translators.


The company doesn’t mention its pay rate, but reports on Glassdoor put it at $10-$12/hr. It also gets 3.9 stars out of 5, though this is based on seven reviews. You’ll be an independent contractor rather than an employee.

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