Work from Home for XEROX – 82 Positions Open NOW!

Work from Home for Xerox

by Chris Durst    May 18, 2017

For several years Xerox has been a major hirer of virtual workers. As we noted in our last post, it has over 8,000 home-based employees working in data entry, customer care, tech support and many other roles. Through its [email protected] program, it also hires military spouses and veterans to work from home.

Xerox hires virtual workers across the US but also internationally. It always has hundreds of virtual job openings at its virtual jobs portal. At the moment it lists 82 virtual jobs available.

The selection of jobs always varies. Current openings include Client Managers, Account Managers, Consultants, Marketing Reps, Sales, Supply Chain, Analysts, IT, HR and other roles.

CLICK HERE and select “Yes” under the “Virtual/work from home?” option menu (scroll down the page) before running your job search. To see more jobs like these, check our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. To be the first to hear about jobs like these, like our Facebook page. Good luck!

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